FITNESS NEWS: GYMBOX introduces exercise course which makes you TALLER

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Posted by The Art Stop on Tuesday 16th of October 2012

Say what?

Shorties of the world (like me), rejoice! Our time has finally come. Fitness chain GYMBOX has introduced an exciting new workout at their gyms - and it has already been proven to make you taller.

The 'A-GROW-BICS' (see what they did there?) workout is a intense (but fun) six-week course and has already had the thumbs-up by plenty of participants who have felt the fabulous effects of the treatment. The hour-long sessions are led by GYMBOX trainer Pierre Pozzuto and his colleague Loren Barclay. Pierre himself grew an incredible 3.15cm while trying out the routine.

The Process

It's not just fun and games though, GYMBOX tells us that the A-GROW-BICS workout can substitute your regular gym sessions, so you're not doubling up on your exercise time each week.

The process is designed to induce the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) through a variety of workouts from Pilates and Yoga to resistance exercises and repeated sprinting. So here is cardio involved and even some old-fashioned stretching.
The full work out looks like this:

Starting measurements taken

Inversion exercises: Hanging from bars for increasing time slots help to lengthen the spine whilst also stimulating growth by increasing the fluid capacity in the spinal discs. There is also some upside down hanging to do using gravity boots... tough but fun.

Resistance exercises: To stretch and strengthen muscles - using rings, you'll be working on strengthening your core to stablilise your muscles.

Repeat sprinting and star jumps: The sprints and jumps cause microfractures in the bones that repair themselves in a remoulded and stronger form within a week.

Pilates: This improve posture and spinal alignment - it's all about the straight back and neck.

Yoga: Lengthens the spine and stretches muscles to their potential.

Stretching: And just when you thought you couldn't be stretched any more! Placed in a 2012 version of those 15th Century stretching machines, your body will be stretched to its potential - helping those microfractures from the sprinting realign longer and stronger.

Trainees will be measured throughout the six weeks - and GYMBOX reckon you could grow up to two centimetres by the end of your first six weeks... and frankly, every centimetre counts.

The A-GROW-BICS course takes place by appointment at GYMBOX Holborn for £200. Book now at or via calling 0845 241 5220


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