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Posted by The Art Stop on Tuesday 11th of November 2014

Remember, remember the 5th of November. But what happens when Bonfire night has passed, and the void before Christmas truly sets in? Well, there’s plenty to keep you occupied – from fun days out for the kids to cosy evenings indoors for the adults. Here are our favourites…

Watch Take That switch on the Regent Street Christmas lights
This Sunday at 5pm, the festive spirit finally gets into full swing in London town, as Take That’s Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen switch on the Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb-themed Christmas Lights on Regent Street.
Before the big moment, there will be performances by former X Factor boy band Union J, Jessie Ware and the West End’s incredible Jersey Boys cast, while London’s Heart radio Breakfast presenters, Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton, play hosts.
The fun kicks off at 12 noon, when stores will welcome in shoppers with plenty of exclusive offers and the on-street entertainment will commence for the kids. The stage activities begin at 4pm.

Les Miserables
I’m always shocked at just how many people haven’t been to see Victor Hugo’s classic novel Les Miserables transformed into a stage production at the Queen’s Theatre. Most of us would have studied the play at school – and I don’t mind admitting I didn’t have a clue what was going on back then. Now, however, from the minute you settle into Valjean’s opening soliloquy, you’ll witness, amongst all the drama, an incredibly insightful story about the French revolution unfold, with terrific - and highly emotional performances - by Peter Locklear (Valjean), David Thaxton (Javert) and Carrie Fletcher (Eponine). You’ll laugh as the chorus, led by Tom Edden (Thénardier), jig around the stage for Master of The House, and cry as Celinde Schoenmaker (Fantine) wraps up her sad life with the much-loved I Dreamed A Dream.
It’s a show I want to see again and again forever. This is a truly magnificent piece of theatre with a cast who are at the top of their game.

Ice skating at the Natural History Museum
There’s something magical about donning old ice skating boots and taking to the ring at the Natural History Museum. Old London landmarks tower around you, while you, wrapped up in scarves and gloves, glide along this winter wonderland. Even the hardiest of adults will struggle to not be taken back to their childhoods. The rink is open until 4 January – and tickets can be purchased in advance.

The Cereal Killer Café
Yes! This is a real thing and frankly, is a dream come true for the old-school cereal fans amongst us (apologies in advance to the foodies out there). Imagine actually dining out on bowls of milk-popping Rice Krispies, or gulping down spoonfuls of soggy, chocolatey Coco Pops...Sounds like a piece of childhood heaven right?
Well, Belfast-born brothers Alan and Gary Keery have opened the first cereal-only café on Brick Lane, and they will be combining a load of old favourites with some new recipes (strawberry yoghurt Cheerios – interesting). For those who can’t do cereal because of intolerances – rest-assured, there are 12 different types of milk on-hand – from almond and soya to hazelnut, plus lots of different flavours. AND, there’ll be retro cartoons from the 80s and 90s playing on screens in the background. Yes!
The Cereal Killer Café (see what they did there?) is officially open to business from 7am on Wednesday 10 December.

If you haven’t seen Jump yet, then get your skates on – because you have until Saturday to enjoy this slapstick comedy-come-martial arts-slash-acrobatic show at The Peacock on Portugal Street.
One of Korea’s much-loved shows, this is the story of two unsuspecting burglars who end up breaking into the house of an unusual, tae-kwon-do-yielding family.
Cue plenty of silky smooth moves combined with a lot of bangs to the head, falls to the ground and doe-eyed teenage karate pro’s. There is audience participation too and the younger audience members can’t get enough of the sound effects and impressive facial expressions. This is a play that has toured Europe, Asia and America - and it certainly shouldn’t be missed in London.


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