Kids in London – The Lego store in Leicester Square

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Posted by KimT on Friday 3rd of February 2017

Leicester Square is a great place to take your kids. As well as all the cinemas and a massive McDonalds there are other childish delights such as Shakeshack, M&M (all that chocolate!) and the Nickelodeon store.

So I ventured into the relatively new huge flagship Lego store there to check it out. Not surprisingly, bearing in mind that it must be a major tourist attraction, the large models at the front of the store reflect London themes. There’s Big Ben and Sherlock Holmes, tube trains (you can actually get in them) and Shakespeare characters.

There are big screens on the walls with bright videos and animations – some of which promote their “Deliver to your hotel” service for the tourists.

It’s a spacious and open store. Uncluttered. There’re things to do. The Mosaic Maker Portrait – at £99.99 – might be out of some people’s price range. However, Build Your Own Mini Figure (three figures comprising five parts each) at £4.99 is very affordable.

There’s a wall of what looks jelly beans but on closer inspection is a kind of Lego part “Pick and Mix”. Stunning range of colours.

There’s a great open staircase up to the first floor – which displays a fabulous London mural. I wouldn’t like to be the person responsible for keeping that clean. Those with a buggy or a wheelchair can take the lift. Upstairs you have a better view of the huge dragon that hangs from the ceiling.

Upstairs there are activity areas – where there are boxes of Duplo for the diddlies and younger children to play with. And all around are displays arranged depending on the different themes – which are suitable for all age ranges. I spotted Friends, City, Elves, Ninjagos, Minecraft, Superheroes, Creator and Technic. And, of course, Star Wars.

It was interesting to hear in the business news this week that the annual Brand Finance report has Lego leapfrogging Disney for the first time. And from the Leicester Square shop experience – I’m hardly surprised.


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