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Posted by Laurel on Sunday 1st of October 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a change of season elicits a change in skincare. Gone are the barely-there hydrating gel formulas in favour of a far more robust routine that will protect against the ravages of central heating and winter weather. I've already begun to notice the difference the recent lack of vitamin D has brought to my face (hooray hoorah...) and hence I've been slowly but surely cultivating an arsenal of weapons to assist me in battling through the next few months without having to wear a balaclava.

I've come to rely on a hyaluronic acid as a skincare go to. Previously SkinCeuticals' Hydrating B5 was my favourite, but at £62 it was high time to find a more purse-friendly alternative. NIOD and its sister brands, including The Ordinary, have undoubtedly caused a lot of disruption to the beauty industry in the last 18 months, launching as they have a range of high performance products without the price tags associated with other cosmeceutical brands and its their Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (£38 for 30ml, available from that has replaced my beloved B5. Essentially a hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, a moisture-binding ingredient, and used underneath a moisturiser it makes it work harder, absorbing much more than your skin would without one. This one features twelve forms of hyaluronic compounds at different molecular weights, offering a wealth of skincare benefits and unrivalled hydration.

Beefing up your moisturiser is the next step for winter skin hydration. While I love my Clarins HydraQuench, it's just no longer cutting it. I've been using Australian brand Rosehip Plus's Nourishing Night Cream recently and it's just the ticket for waking up with super soft skin. Formulated with 100% pure certified organic cold press rosehip oil it also contains a blend of cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil and shea butter which helps to lock in moisture. I've been slathering on a layer after the hyaluronic before bed it's been working wonders so far. £29 from

If you've not yet come across the wonder product that is Alpha H Liquid Gold, then you're welcome. Cited as the original acid toner, this little bottle has justifiably gained cult status in the last few years thanks to its serious results. Containing 5% nature-derived glycolic acid, it harnesses the cell-stimulating and exfoliating properties of alpha hydroxy acids, essentially resurfacing the skin by melting away dead skin cells to reveal new cells beneath, whilst bolstering the synthesis of elastin and collagen and penetrating deep within pores to eradicate spot-causing bacteria. The resurfacing actions helps to diminish the appearance of acne scars, dark spots and brown patches, so your complexion quickly looks more even-toned and luminous. Use overnight you'll soon start seeing the difference in your skin. £36.50 available from

There's been a steady increase in the number of brands encapsulating anti-pollution formulations into their products, not something to ignore given we live in one of the most polluted cities in the world. Aenea Skin is a state of the art skincare line which uses the science of epigenetics - the study of heritable changes in gene expression - to create a range of products with standout cosmeceutical-grade formulas, developed by a team of internationally-renowned experts. The Anti-Pollution Guardian may tick the box of investment skincare at £150 a bottle, but it's been designed to protect the skin from pollution and UV exposure at a cellular level, enable a speedy recovery from external aggressors and build the skin's tolerance to UV light. Think of it as the skin's ultimate barrier against the

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