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Posted by Laurel on Monday 1st of January 2018

We’re not going to lie, January can be bleak. It’s a month of staying in, trying to undo some of the damage December did on both wallets and waistlines, just willing the days toe get a little longer and a little warmer so we can start looking forward to summer again. No? Just me?

While the month may not afford the same indulgences as December I’m a firm believer that it’s the most important month to invest a bit of time and R&R on yourself. Be in staying in bed on a weekend with a new book, spending time cooking nourishing meals or checking in to a spa, psychologically it’s the best time for looking after yourself and setting yourself on the right path for the new year.

Checking in for a massage should be high on your list of priorities and they don’t come much better than one with the indulgent range of oils from kokolokahi. Originating from ‘koko’ referring to the coconut oil that is the base ingredient in all of the oils and the Hawaiian word ‘lokahi’ meaning ‘a balance’ or ‘harmony’, it’s a massage like no other. Rather than sticking with one style of massage, it combines elements of several different massage styles to create a bespoke massage to best suit the individual’s needs.

The collection of five kokolokahi oils are a unique, nourishing blend of coconut, argan and shea oil to create products based on the five elements, with each created to evoke an emotion, such as Strength to enhance your wellbeing or Serenity to calm you inner peace. Before your treatment the therapist will ask you what you’re looking for from your treatment, what your perfect massage would entail and how you would like to feel after your treatment, before you choose the oil you’re most drawn to for your massage.

I visited the Spa at Canary Wharf’s Third Space for my massage, a gargantuan workout space with a central climbing wall dominating the reception area. Busy and noisy, accented with thumping tunes, I assumed the noise would carry but the moment I stepped through the doors of the spa every sound melted away and I was transported into a divinely relaxing space. My therapist was wonderful, talking me through the oils before I selected the heavenly coconut scented Balance oil. The massage was as blissful as expected, I even nodded off at one point (which my therapist said she always sees as a compliment, so that’s good…). The kokolokahi massage can also be combined with their signature Lava Shells for a hot and cold stone massage, creating the perfectly tailored bespoke treatment you always wanted. While the Spa may be a tad out of the way to get to given my usual propensity for staying either close to work or close to home, it was certainly worth the journey. With the oils also available to purchase from it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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