Why Clapham's So Me has manicures nailed

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Posted by Laurel on Tuesday 3rd of April 2018

It’s one thing having a five star salon on your doorstep, but even more impressive is when it has a rainbow of nail shades so expansive you’ve never seen anything like it before. 

Luckily for me that’s the case at my local, Clapham High Street’s So Me, a salon with more gel nail colours than I even knew were in existence. Despite it being on my doorstep for the four years I’ve lived in Clapham, I so rarely have my nails done - generally preferring a home mani - that despite visiting a number of times for my pre-holiday beauty fix I’ve never actually had a manicure there before. Shocking, I know.

Having recently visited an *ahem* unnamed nail bar a little further down the high street and been left deeply disappointed by not only their paltry spread of gel colours, but the fact my nails chipped twice in a matter of days and they don’t offer refunds (don’t get me started…) I decided to pay a visit to So Me and try them out.

I have to be honest, the only problem with it was the choice of colours. It took me the majority of the appointment to decide from the 100+ shades across several brands - it really is mind-boggling. Even if you arrive convinced you’re after a pinky nude there are about seven from which to choose. My mani was perfection, particularly with the added bonus of a paraffin hand wax which, if you haven’t tried one before, is a seriously indulgent treatment that leaves hands baby soft and gross crackling skin totally revived - very much needed after this beast of a winter… The staff at So Me are always excellent and my nail technician was no exception.

My perfect talons lasted three weeks without a chip (though two did end up with an unfortunate Fag Ash Lil yellow stain after an unfortunate incident with some grated turmeric…), a somewhat miraculous result considering the previous experience at the-salon-who-shall-not-be-named. I’m converted.

Nail treatments start from £13, plus readers can use code LONDON10 for a 10% discount throughout April.



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