Put your best foot forward at the UK's first gentleman's pedicure room

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Posted by Laurel on Monday 14th of January 2019

You read correctly; the UK's first (and only, for that matter) gentleman's pedicure room has opened in Fitrovia.

Aldwyn & Sons finds home in a ‘speakeasy’ style room at the back of the acclaimed Sharps Barber & Shop on Windmill Street. The unique space will offer a menu of manicure and pedicure treatments, totally tailored for the modern man.

Taking inspiration from the role of the footman from yesteryear, Aldwyn & Sons will seek to modernise this role within today’s society. The origins of the word ‘footman’ date back to the 14th Century, a role that was formerly to run alongside the carriage of his master to protect it from overturning and to prepare the destination for the master’s arrival. Latterly, ‘footman’ became a term for the highest-ranking servant, one rank below the butler and often as his deputy. With these traditions appearing so scarcely in modern society, today ‘The Modern Footman’ has a new meaning, it is the pivotal step forward for footcare of today’s gentleman, as provided by Aldwyn & Sons.

The very first of its kind, Aldwyn & Sons is an environment for the quintessentially British Gentleman and seeks to change men’s attitudes towards footcare and the way it is provided. Aldwyn & Sons encourages men to come and put their feet up, in a relaxing setting, with the core belief that all men should look after their feet, as the results affect overall health from head to toe.

The bespoke menu of treatments – with manicures priced from £30 and pedicures from £40 – includes the signature, 45-minute ‘Modern Footman’, encompassing a pedicure of nail and cuticle work, foot filing, exfoliation and moisturising, followed by a foot massage. Full treatment menus can be found at


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