Molton Brown's popping up in Covent Garden

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Posted by Laurel on Wednesday 21st of August 2019

Oh we do love a pop up and especially when it comes from one of our favourite brands.

To celebrate the launch of its new Eaux de Parfum collection, Molton Brown, London’s leading fragrance expert since 1971, is opening the doors to its first ever pop-up residence. Located on Burleigh Street, in the heart of Covent Garden, the Fragrance Gallery will be layered with exciting and unexpected olfactory delights. From exploring scentscapes and joining influencer-led workshops, to wandering through the exhibition-style sculptures, or the accompanying dynamic video installations, the pop-up space will offer each individual the opportunity to explore the world of fragrance through an altogether new lens.

The pop-up will also launch the brand’s new and wholly innovative scent profiling service. Working closely with the highly respected trend forecasting and innovation agency, The Future Laboratory, the brand developed an illuminating, interactive journey, allowing customers to discover a signature scent based on their unique personality. Each appointment at The Fragrance Finder lasts up to 30 minutes and guests can book in advance, redeeming the ticket price against any purchases made on the day.

To elevate the Fragrance Gallery experience even further, Molton Brown has curated a unique set of workshops which give guests a deeper dive into the world of fragrance and the concept of Unfiltered Self-Expression. Collaborating with a cross-section of master perfumers and the brand’s collective of influencer partners, each workshop offers a different insight into the olfactory world:

The first in the series is for the perfume enthusiasts – an all-star panel event featuring Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert, Senior Perfumers Carla Chabert and Maia Lernout and New Generation Perfumer Jerome di Merino. Together they will explore the brand’s New Guard approach to perfumery and share a unique perspective of the industry, through the individual lens of each remarkable perfumer.

The second workshop will take guests on a journey through the world of fragrance, awakening their senses to truly experience a scent in all its note-worthy glory. A great session for people who are new to fragrance – this is an experiential workshop led by Motlon Brown’s own fragrance experts that shares a brief history on perfumery before leading into a fragrance ingredients tasting and smelling session which allows each guest to better identify which notes call out to them instinctively and how to intuitively choose a fragrance that suits them.

The final workshop is an artistic exploration of personalities – an art class with a special theme at its core, Unfiltered Self-Expression. Taking inspiration from an array of fragrance notes, guests will be guided through creating a magnificent masterpiece that expresses their own unique individuality.

Guests will be able to sign up to each work workshop in advance and redeem the ticket price against any purchases made on the day. Additionally, all attendees across each workshop will receive a gift bag of olfactory treats and surprises.

The Molton Brown Fragrance Gallery Pop-Up will open its doors to visitors on the evening of the 3rd September with the launch of its first ticketed workshop. The pop-up will then be open to the public from 4th September until 8th September. Entry to gallery is free of charge.

Guests will be invited to wander through the intriguing olfactive installations at their leisure, discover delightful surprises on each floor and leave with luxury Molton Brown samples, goody bags, and a new interpretation of perfumery with a fresh perspective on their own fragrance-driven identity.

Molton Brown Fragrance Gallery Pop-Up will be open from Wednesday 4th September to Sunday 8th September. Entry to the pop-up is free. Tickets for the workshops can be purchased on Eventbrite.


The Molton Brown Perfume Gallery

12 Burleigh Street, Covent Garden, London

Opening Times

Wednesday 4th September 10:00 – 18:00

Thursday 5th September 10:00 – 18:00

Friday 6th September 10:00 – 19:00

Saturday 7th September 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 8th September 11:00 – 17:00


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