Heartbeat of Home at Piccadilly Theatre – Riverdance reborn

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Posted by May B on Friday 6th of September 2019

I still remember the jaw-dropping moment when I saw Riverdance all those years ago – a vast group of Irish dancers in perfect synchronicity with incredible high kicks and huge energy.

Heartbeat of Home evokes strong Celtic memories and while the Irish dancing is still a core element they have mashed it up with Spanish flamenco, Latin American salsa, exquisite Argentinian tango and some New York street hip-hop body-bopping. And there are healthy doses of tap dancing, ballet and modern dance too.

The dancers were all highly accomplished with athletic skills and huge stamina. The rigidity and straightness of the Irish dance moves making an interesting contrast to the fluidity and curves of the Latin ballroom moves. Passion in its many forms – you couldn’t help but be moved.

The musicians took centre stage at times with the playfulness of an Irish drummer generating lots of smiles and the emotional performances with violins and Uilleann pipes prompting quieter moments of reflection.

The excellent film back drops really enhanced the mood – with misty seascapes and impressive storms highlighting the travels of the Irish diaspora and the American West and New York skylines of their new homes.

There was one scene – a group of guys tap dancing on a construction girder – that reminded me of Tap Dogs and Adam Garcia’s startling performance in that show.

The audience loved it – clapping along most of the time and up on their feet at the end. It stirred the soul and put smiles on faces. If you like dance, you’ll enjoy this high energy show, If you like Irish dancing, this is a must-see.


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