Nodding off to The Nadler Covent Garden's Sleeptember

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Posted by A Londoner Travels on Monday 9th of September 2019

I wanted to post this yesterday but alas, the land of nod was calling my name - which incidentally is exactly the point of what I'm trying to tell you about. Let me elaborate.

With new stats suggesting 29% of us only get between five and six hours of sleep a night* rather than the recommended eight to nine, The Nadler Covent Garden has teamed up with The Sleep Council and natural beauty experts This Works, to create the ultimate “Sleeptember” stay designed to help you get the beauty rest you need.

The trio have worked together to create a unique month-long package all guests at the Covent Garden hotel can take advantage of, featuring sleep-inducing in-room perks... so I paid a little visit last night to see if a night in the sleep den would give me a better night of nod that my noisy neighboured Clapham dwelling...

Firstly, the beds at the hotel are [I]seriously[/I] comfy. We're talking sink-into-the-mattress-and-drown-in-a-sea-of-pillows comfy, and with a king size to myself and all the room to stretch out my weekend-weary limbs, it was so far, so good. The rooms are sleek and chic, with plush carpets (so SQUIDGY), an elegant colourway of deep blues, clay greys and accents of cherry red, bespoke furniture, designed and hand-made locally in west London, along with luxurious fabrics made from natural fibres woven on the Isle of Bute, Scotland.

The Sleep Council's 'Good-Night Guide' was left on the bed, featuring seven practical steps to getting a good night's sleep. Advice ranges from creating the perfect bedroom atmosphere to be conducive to sleep (including ambiance and temperature), ensuring your bed offers the right comfort and support and thinking more about how your diet affects your sleep patterns. Ever felt dreadful the day after a night out drinking, not through a hangover but through the disturbed sleep? There we have it.

In addition to the literature, guests can tune into one of The Sleep Council's Nodcasts, sleep podcasts designed to help you drift off based on the most popular sounds people like to fall asleep to; choose from rain, birdsong, thunderstorms, waves and wind. Unsurprisingly, arguing neighbours, drunken revellers and mating foxes didn't make the cut, yet all seem to be heard with shocking frequency around my usual neck of the woods.

Finally, a travel-sized version of my favourite This Works’ deep sleep pillow spray, packed with calming essential oils proven to aide relaxation and enhance sleep quality, is on hand to help guests catch their forty winks. In a recent study** 97% reported sleeping better and 89% fell asleep faster when using it; it's one of my personal old faithfuls and always the first thing I turn to if I'm struggling to reach the land of nod. This works are also offering Nadler customers 20% off their entire range at which is a delightful extra treat. Add the luxurious throws and a dozy late checkout, make The Nadler Covent Garden the perfect place to sleep soundly this Sleeptember.

Lisa Artis, Chief Advisor at The Sleep Council, says [I]“Often we forget to make time for the most important thing for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing – sleep. Changing your sleep habits doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your daily routine, instead a few simple steps such as creating a good sleep environment, maintaining a healthy diet, and setting aside time to relax before bed, can make a big difference.”[/I]

I loved the hotel. Mere moments from Covent Garden, it may not have its own restaurant but has teamed up with local restaurants to offer guests discounts, plus each room comes with a mini kitchen including a microwave, sink, Nespresso coffee machine and fridge, meaning you can easily bring your own bits and bobs if you don't want to go out; I enjoyed a rather lovely breakfast in bed organised the night before, feeling particularly smug with my forward thinking. Guests can even make use of the hotel’s ‘fridge fill’ service and have a bottle of Champagne (or any other items on your wish list) ready and waiting in your Mini Kitchen fridge.

There are powerful rain showers with luxurious Gilchrist & Soames toiletries and. - my favourite part - a god hairdryer. I can't tell you how often I visit a seemingly luxury hotel only to find the most useless little travel dryer that takes half an hour to dry your hair, so this was an excellent discovery.

There were just a couple of additions I'd make to the package to [I]really/[I] ensure the perfect night's sleep. Unfortunately noisy neighbours and slamming doors are still de rigeur even in a hotel, so a pair of earplugs wouldn't go amiss (luckily I never sleep without them anyway) and despite the blackout curtains in each room, there was still a frustratingly bright pool of light flooding in from under the hotel room door. Not the end of the world - it was easily blocked with one of those aforementioned luxury throws (sorry Nadler...) - but perhaps an eye mask could be added to the package for the ultimate night of undisturbed slumber. I have it on good authority this works masks are the best (I have several...).

The Sleeptember perks are included in all rooms for guests staying at The Nadler Covent Garden until 30th September. Room rates start from £299.

To book visit

*Figures are based on The Sleep Council Great British Bedtime Report, a survey of 5,002 respondents conducted by Atomik Research between 27 December 2016 and 4 January 2017.

**In a study of 100 subjects and 100 ex-prescription users was compared to no product use.


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