Birthday cocktails at Bill's

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Posted by A Londoner Travels on Sunday 20th of October 2019

If you're dining out in the next six weeks, consider booking a table at old favourite Bill's; until 30th November there's a Limited Edition cocktail on the menu with a percentage of the takings being given to a charity local to the restaurant.

The launch is in celebration of the first anniversary of their first phase of new look restaurants. Available at Bill’s Greenwich, Soho, Hammersmith, Clink Street, Wimbledon and High Street Kensington - all restaurants that were revamped between September and November last year - the delicious Peach and Blackberry Bellini cocktail, priced at £7.95 will feature peach puree, blackberry syrup and prosecco with a lavender stem garnish.

Each restaurant underwent a bespoke transformation to enhance the diners experience whilst staying true to their roots, with over 29,932 halloumi burgers and 39,918 aperol spritzes sold at the five since September 2018. That's a lot of post-work pick-me-ups...

Some of the charities that have been chosen include The Hospice for Greenwich, Centre Point for Soho, Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust for Clink Street and The Wimbledon Guild for Wimbledon, all of whom have a close partnerships with their respective restaurant.

I last dined at Bill's back in the summer, indulging in a refreshing watermelon salad with crispy chunks of deep fried feta and one of the best buttermilk fried chicken burgers I've ever had. Having been a fan since it's early days back in Brighton (if you're ever in town, that one is particularly brilliant), it's one of few chains I really rate for the consistency quality and flavour of their dishes, despite seemingly expanding more and more all the time. For a satisfying supper and a tipple to do some good, make sure you book a table.


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