Your All In London guide to Lambeth

Stretching from the Southbank of the Thames to suburbs of Clapham and Streatham, this is a vibrant, exciting area to live and work.

Lambeth lies in inner London and is the fourth most densely populated area in the country and has one third of it's residents from ethnic minority communities. Within Lambeth lie young and vibrant centres such as Brixton and Clapham as well as the more residential suburbs of Streatham and Norwood. The borough is dominated by younger people and a population that is highly mobile and transient. It has become very popular amongst young professionals due to it's proximity to central London, good night life and more affordable property prices. Despite this influx of well-off professionals, there are still significant pockets housing poorer communities with higher unemployment and greater social needs, notably some council housing estates within Brixton, Steatham, Clapham and Tooting.

Regions in Lambeth

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