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Hampstead Heath is a 791 acre park, just four miles from the centre of London. The Heath is made up of the grounds of several houses that formerly occupied the area.

Parliament Hill offers fantastic views of London and the surrounding countryside. Parliament Hill takes its name from one of two origins; Some believe that Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators stood upon the hill looking towards parliament waiting for it to explode. A more likely explanation is that Parliament Hill was a point of defence during the English Civil War for troops loyal to parliament. Open-air concerts are held on Parliament Hill during summer months. It is also believed that Boudiccia was buried nearby.

Golders Hill Park is home to an animal sanctuary where visitors can get close to deer and native birds. There are children’s events and live concerts held here during summer.

To the North of Hampstead Heath is Kenwood House, a neo-classical mansion built in the early seventeenth century. The house is now owned by English Heritage and houses one of the most valuable and rare collections of paintings owned by the nation.

Hampstead Heath boasts bathing ponds, a model boating lake, and adventure playground and is home to a flock of Flamingos. The Heath is extremely popular with Londoners; its magnificent views draw cyclists, sunbathers and bowlers. Hampstead Heath is a hive of activity during the summer due to live music events and entertainers catering for every conceivable taste.

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Hampstead Heath to The Bull and Last: It’s a classic but Hampstead Heath is the kind of place that shows you something new with every visit. It’s a struggle to the top but once your over and down the other side there’s a home made scotch egg waiting at the Bull and Last. Take sledges when the snow comes, too.

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Hampstead Heath is London’s favourite alfresco spot, whether it’s for swimming, picnicking, cruising or spotting bats, deer, and heaven forbid, grass snakes (they’re completely harmless however). Within the heath is the Golders Hill Park Zoo, which is free to enter and has a collection of both familiar and exotic animals, including eagle owls, ring-tailed lemurs and coatis.

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Nov 13, 2011

Wonderful huge varied green areasplace often overlooked as not obvious from the road. Many go to Kenwood House and Gardens but do not explore the Hills, Kite flying views, Woods, swimming and fishing Lakes around. Let alone the Heath Extenson and Golders Hill Park. Or The Vale of Health.
See Golders Hill Cafe, Kalander cafe,Lauderdale House cafe and Parliament Hill Cafe and Pollys in South Hampstead.