Mile End Genesis Cinema

Cinema in rated 8 / 10 from 2 reviews
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93-95 Mile End Road, E1 4UJ
020 7780 2000
Nearest Station
Stepney Green
0.15 miles
Opening Summary
8.00 - 22.00
10.00 - 22.00

The oldest cinema in East London, Genesis specialises in the cinematic experience. Open all day, Genesis is not just a cinema, but is also home to the Black & White Space - a beautiful gallery with monthly exhibitions-, Bar Paragon - a cosy cocktail bar hosting regular events -, and Studio 5 - a luxury screen comprising sofa seating, footstools and blankets, and even an in-screen bar. On top of all this is the beautiful foyer, recently restored to its original beauty, furnished with comfortable sofas and free wi-fi, and serving up fantastic Nude Espresso coffee and pastries from long-term neighbours Rinkoff Bakery.

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All In London Review

Genesis is a throwback to a London cinema in the nineties...

The Genesis Cinema started life as a music hall before being shifted into the guise of a grand theatre. But that didn’t last either. And when it fell on hard times it did what many of these behemoth buildings do, it became a cinema. Located in Stepney Green, the Genesis is a throwback to a London cinema scene back when there was no social media, nineties neon was still big and the only drinks served at the movies were giant cups of pop, or at a push, Slush Puppies.

Genesis has dragged itself into the present to some extent – it Tweets – but it has left just the right amount of its old charm for cinephiles to rejoice in. It’s cheap - £8.00 a ticket is the most expensive and that’s on weekends – and its main screen is huge. Sure, the bar may not be the type of place you’d choose to take Pamela Anderson or Jimmy Nail (or anybody else who was big in the nineties) on a date but it does the trick - if the trick is convincing you that this is the only bar, that is! For it is not (the only bar). Genesis Cinema has a little known screen by the name of Studio 5 up its sleeve. A comfortable, future-cinema screen with sofas and a private bar. In fact, many say that the greatest trick the Genesis Cinema ever pulled was to convince the world that they didn’t have another bar tucked away in Studio 5. Prices for this screen are slightly higher but that’s what you pay for a private sofa and a bar.

Genesis curates a good programme of films that matches blockbusters with the occasional smaller release. Not a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ player to the game, Genesis Cinema is a community cinema – you can tell by the prices. It means a lot to Stepney and I for one will never forget turning up here for the midnight release of Star Wars Episode III – to leave utterly disappointed of course.

Reviewed by T.A.O
Published on Oct 21, 2013

User Reviews


Oct 3, 2013

I went to the Genesis a lot in my university days but hadn't been for a while.

Heading back I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing like the new fangled Picture House cinemas, this is pure ld school. The huge main auditorium makes watching a film feel like an event. I don't mind that they don't have the craft beers and prawn sandwiches in the foyer, it's perfect.