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Prince Albert Road, Primrose Hill, Primrose Hill, NW1 7ST
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Primrose Hill
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Lying between St John's Wood and Chalk Farm/Camden tube stations on the jubilee and northern lines respectively, Primrose Hill is a beautiful parkland area lying almost as a northern attachment to Regents Park. The green space is next to Primrose Hill 'Village' which has now become a favourite spot for many of the capitals media stars and personalities which makes you think it can't be too shabby a place!

Primrose Hill lies at one of the highest points in London (though admittedly being quite a flat city, this still isn't very high!) which means that there are very good views to be had looking out from one of the park benches which have been strategically placed to maximise this view. As a result of this position at the geographical top of the city, it has also attracted many writers and artists over the years as a place which provides inspiration.

Take a stroll around Primrose Hill, take the kids to the playground, or head to the Village itself to see where the other half live in this stunning London enclave.

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The view from the top of Primrose Hill gives a glimpse of a type of London unrecognizable at street level. No shops, cafes, restaurants or grime, but an expansive skyline of skyscraping towers juxtaposed with the greenery of the park in front of you.

User Reviews


Jan 22, 2005

The view over London from here is amazing. It's also a pretty good place to spot celebrities as a fair few of them live over in Primrose Hill.

In the summer it gets really lively, lots of people playing football and sun-bathing.

If you're lucky enough to live nearby it's a great place to go.