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Hertford House, Manchester Square, Marylebone, W1U 3BN
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The Wallace collection is currently housed in Hertford House, Manchester Square. The house was built as Manchester House in 1776. The location was then leased to the French Embassy in 1836. The fourth Marquess of Hertford reclaimed the property in 1850, it is at this time that the property became known as Hertford House. In 1872 extensive alterations were made on the property to accommodate the Marquess's growing Art collections. The site officially became a public museum in 1897. The Collection was founded by the descendents of Edward Seymour, brother of Queen Jane Seymour and himself Lord Protector of England in 1547. The second Marquess of Hertford bought Manchester House in 1797. The third Marquess of Hertford was the sales agent to the Prince of Wales and an enthusiastic Art collector, particularly 18th Century Dutch and French pieces. It was here that the Wallace Collection began. The fourth Marquess was a huge buyer of Art and purchased such famous pieces as Hals the Laughing Cavalier. The son of the fourth Marquess, Richard Wallace gave his name to the collection and bought several entire collections, including Napoleon III's entire Fine Art collection. It is the sum of these amassed works that we now refer to as the Wallace Collection. Admission to the Wallace Collection is free of charge. The Museum is easily accessible from both Bond and Baker Street Stations. There are free tours most days commencing at 1pm.

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