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Compton Terrace, Islington, N1 2UN
020 7226 3750
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Union Chapel is today a working church, an award winning venue and a centre for those homeless and in crisis in London

In 1991, Union Chapel Project was formed as a charity (charity no.1010166) devoted to restoring and running the building and making its facilities available to a diverse group of people. It has become an award winning music venue, regarded as one of the best places in London to experience live music. The aim of the project is to place the arts and creativity at the heart of Union Chapel and to increase access and inclusive involvement in the performing arts. It offers an independent, non profit-making, naturally chilled-out environment, in which to experence the ultimate fusion of atmospheric high gothic surounding while enjoying your favorite artists.

At the same time Union Chapel is still a Congregational Church and home to the Margins Project, providing services and facilities for homeless and people in crisis.

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Aaah! London's most romantic places picture

Aaah! London's most romantic places

Is love in the air? The let's get it onnnnn...

Apparently religion causes a fair bit of controversy, but we won’t get bogged down in that when there’s praising of another kind to be done– at the altar of love! Union Chapel is one of London’s greatest places to worship… each other and you’re favourite bands. Think anti-folk, acoustic programming in a venue, which has welcomed the likes of Kimyah Dawson, M Ward and First Aid Kit in the past.

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Did we just say Bush Hall was the indie-darling of London concert Venues? Oops, perhaps we spoke too soon. The Union Chapel has its own credentials that are worth flexing on that point. The music policy is the standout factor for the Islington church. And despite not serving alcohol in the main hall people seem happy enough to sit in the pews and appreciate the action.

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