Wilton Music Hall

Venue in Wapping rated 10 / 10 from 2 reviews
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1 Graces Alley, London, Wapping, E1 8JB
020 7702 9555
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Tower Gateway
0.33 miles
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Monday - Friday 12pm - 11pm
Saturday 5pm - 11pm

Wilton's is the world's last surviving Grand Music Hall and London's best kept secret. This stunning and atmospheric building is led by Frances Mayhew and produces an exciting programme of imaginative, diverse and distinct entertainment including theatre, music, comedy, cinema and cabaret.

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Wilton's Front Door
Wilton's Front Door
Wilton's Front Door
Wilton's Front Door

All In London Review

Wilton’s makes for the kind of place to show off the fantasy of London

Secreted away at the end of an alley amongst the congestion of Tower Hill, it seems apt that as soon as you clap eyes on Wilton’s Music Hall the surroundings no longer seem to exist. With parts of it dating back to the early 1800’s, Wilton’s is a landmark of heritage that somehow manages to transcend its age with a current line-up of events and random jollies. A dilapidated building that’s kept sacred by the work of the Wilton’s Trust, the place has character by the (exposed) brick load. Crumbling walls, fairy lights, pianos and well-trodden boards make this a place that every Londoner should see. The Mahogany Bar itself may have lost the very bar it was named after, but that doesn’t detract from the lively mix of in-the-know hipsters, locals and relic hunters who fill it with ease. Apart from this main room there is of course the main music hall, which brings you theatre, gigs, cabaret and recreations of the art of music hall entertainment itself. As if this weren’t enough, there is also a Mezzanine Room in which to relax, as well as the Green Room that comes complete with ping-pong table for fans of the fashionable sport.

There are various snacks served in the bar – mainly consisting of filled beigels on this occasion – and a discerningly stocked bar, full of St. Peter’s Ale along with a couple of draught beers. Wilton’s makes for the kind of place to show off the fantasy of London, and while the technology around us propels us ever faster into the future, the past is still where it’s at

Reviewed by T.A.O
Published on Nov 7, 2011

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London's most romantic bars picture

London's most romantic bars

It's nearly time... for sexy time...

Crumbling walls, decaying opulence, balconies and hidden rooms, Wilton’s Music Hall <i>is</i> romance. The Mahogany Bar hosts the majority of the action and you can smell the history in what is one of London’s most beautiful old buildings. Find a corner, huddle up and drink it in.

London venues with the Wow-Factor! picture

London venues with the Wow-Factor!

In our continued search to bring you the best bits of London we've cranked the dial up to 11.

Wilton’s is an All In London favourite, in fact it was once named our Venue of the Month on the basis of its wow factor. The old music hall is all about the preservation of the site’s heritage. Exposed brickwork, intimate tumbledown spaces and the very accommodating Mahogany Bar are all part of its charm.

Aaah! London's most romantic places picture

Aaah! London's most romantic places

Is love in the air? The let's get it onnnnn...

There’s no denying the romance of the past and since Wilton’s is the world’s oldest surviving grand music hall, its intoxicating credentials are safe. Crumbling, dilapidated and all but derelict – the romantic setting for ping-pong tournaments, theatre and music - it will not disappoint. It’s survived two world wars and with the help of the Wilton’s trust this amazing monument to London will live much longer.

User Reviews

Mrs I Delbosq
from Lincolnshire

May 5, 2014

Nice to know this old building is being restored,I was 15yrs old 1945 when I first went to The Mahogany Bar (as it was then known as) It was a youth club fir the local children and I lived in Weclose square.Many hours of enjoyment were spent there,being just as the war was ending there was very little for us youngsters to do.I well remember all the activities we had including little 1 act plays sometimes ,it's good to know that people are still enjoying the old building.I am now 83 yrs old very interested to see your Webb site.Thankyou for bringing back the memories.