The Piccadilly Institute

The London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown, London, W1V 9LA
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The London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown, London, W1V 9LA

020 7287 8008


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Mon - Sat: 17:00 - 03:00
Sun: 17:00 - 00:30

Previously OnAnon, The Piccadilly Institute is a place where new experiences can be gained. The unexpected, the beautiful and the bizarre are at every turn.
Gorgeous in design and twisted in personality, it's dedicated to the principles of pleasure. There's something for every mood, every scene, every desire, a labyrinth of rooms with six different bar experiences each totally unique.

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The Piccadilly Institute Picture
The Piccadilly Institute Picture
The Piccadilly Institute Picture
The Piccadilly Institute Picture
The Piccadilly Institute Picture

Best For

London's best venues in converted toilets picture

London's best venues in converted toilets

Spotlessly clean, and serving you beer

West End bar Piccadilly Institute have turned their men's loos into gaming rooms. The toilets have video games installed above the urinals, including shooting penguins and football matches where the customer can score goals by controlling their "flow". Once they've finished their business they can add their scores to the leaderboard (with phones, not wee thankfully).

User Reviews

Reviewed by Isy from Soho
Bouncers were absolutely shocking. Witnessed some completely ridiculous behaviour. One girl asked if it was busy and wasn't allowed in because of it!! A group of three boys weren't allowed in because they were men..! Normally like pic inst., as I work and live in soho, and it's an unpretentious and fun Friday night out. This was ****. Will spread the word, don't worry.

Sep 14, 2013
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Reviewed by nocrack
The staff is just horrible. I've been insulted by a waitress with absolutely no reason, just because she was having a raw at my friend and I told him to ignore her. And then, trying to complain to her manager, she started yelling at me too before I had a chance to even explain what happened. Only then she apologized...

Feb 21, 2012
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Reviewed by RickyRoonie

Booked and payed in advance for a booth for 8 people. Arrived and was directed to a small table with just 4 seats, in a corridor, at the top of a flight of stairs.

Managemnet were extremely unhelpful, we were ignored for almost 30 mins and was told that they cannot guarentee adequate seating for a booking. Managed to get half the money back (nice easy money for them) and went to a much better bar with better service and better atmosphere (Grace - across the road)

The management and door staff left a very sour taste.

Do not bother with this place!!!!

Dec 9, 2011
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Reviewed by rose_just_me
THE WORST CLUB. this is the worst club i have ever been to. it was my 21th birthday so i had been looking for the right club for weeks, found this and the website and concept look good. Book a guest list for about 50 people and pay-de for a deposit. me and my boyfriend got there early so we could meet every and got a call from my brother down stairs saying they would not let him in, he is a young mixed race boy (shirt, jeans, shoes). i went down stairs to try and sort out what was going on and the manager at the door was very rude and did not want to talk to me and said its what he is wearing, i stood outside for a while and realised the people that some people they were letting in look worst, so i tried to talk to the manager again and still did not want to talk to me. after this i saw that he had also not let in a young African man. As from this you can see that the door manager is highly racist and does not let anyone in of a certain colour... Had to drop my deposit and go somewhere else because i was not going to let my brother go home after he does not go out a lot due to his health problems. NEVER GO HERE AGAIN....

Sep 26, 2011
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Reviewed by John51
Awful. We got suckered into going in by one of their employees offering "a free first drink" when you pay cover. In fact, there was no free drink involved, and the drinks we did get were 9 pounds each for a single vodka and lemonade with not even an expensive vodka (of course they didn't list any sort of pricing). The whole place was like a bad acid trip, and the decor was tacky. Avoid.

Jun 10, 2011
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Reviewed by Chris from London
decor fantastic

music ok

service dreadful

in the first bar I went to the barmaids were dressed up in gravity-defying black satin and feather bustiers and not much else...let alone dignity. As a bloke i felt sorry for the barmaids tring to shake a cocktail in that outfit with drunk blokes leering at their bouncing breasts. It was like something out of a 1970's porn film.
Next, the tables or lack thereof. Three quarters of them were reserved and half of the total were unoccupied. I eventually found a non-reserved table and sat down with my drink. Having made myself comfortable and had several further drinks I was instructed to move as 'the area has been reserved'. Excuse me but isn't the tradition to either rope off reserved areas or put a 'reserved' notice on reserved tables (as they had done for most of the others)? Eventually I found myself upstairs in a freezing room with no inhabitants other than the bar staff - somewhere there was a dj who insisted in turning the bass up so far I had to move as the air pressure changes were hurting my ears. Next to the arctic is a small chill-out room, nice & comfy... and empty but with a couple of reserved tables. So... got myself comfy at a non-reserved table, enjoyed my drink for a couple of hours..... and another person wandered in and told me to move. "Perhaps I might like sitting in the arctic with the only threat of hypothermia or pulminory embolysm.". I enquired as to where the reserved sign was . She gestuered into the air and repeated the mantra 'but the area is reserved'. I presumed it was a magical sign only visible to the chosen few and left.

in short - dont bother. the drinks are expensive and the service is apalling. If you have never seen a real woman's cleavage you may get a brief thrill, otherwise for god's sake go somewhere else, you'll enjoy it far more

Name: Chris
Location: London

Mar 18, 2011
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Reviewed by t2287
I held a charity event there on Saturday night and the club itself looks great, the dj's are fab and the bartenders are very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the manager. We hired out 2 bars upstairs for our private charity event and were charging people who hadn't pre-bought tickets at the entrance of the bars we hired. I was told that we weren't allowed to have any signs telling people to come straight upstairs and we couldn't have anyone standing on the door to make sure that they weren't charged £10 by the club on entry. Apparently the club would make sure that our clients would be sent straight upstairs to us after saying our name on the door. Instead, it turns out that the club was telling people that they had to pay £10 downstairs even if they were there for our party. They were not given a refund and therefore the charity couldn't take money from these people. The manager told me that it was my fault for not having people downstairs on the door, (which I was told I wasn't allowed) and that the charity would have to refund them. He was rude and aggressive, threatening to throw me out for swearing when I said that it was ridiculous. I'm sure ridiculous isn't a swear word! In short, these greedy people took hundreds of pounds worth of charity money and I will never recommend On Anon to anyone.

Sep 15, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Great night. We were a large group of girls intending to go out to a few clubs, but since On Anon has so much variety, we ended up staying til close! Plenty of different bars, so you're never waiting too long for a drink, and you're never bored of the music.

Jul 20, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
This place is run with military precision. Security staff, complete with CIA style in-ear communications system walk in crack teams across the floors. Property police in combats patrol the place looking at your belongings and trying to scare you into using the cloakrooms with stories of how people are watching you all night and will steal your stuff. You are not trusted to have glass at any point - with wine decanted into plastic bottles as if it was a pool party. Totally paranoid and rather unpleasant.

They also seem to be a little unclear on which country this is. I pecked my boyfriend on the cheek and was immediately confronted by one of the security (present in a line of security staff sweeping the floor) who told me "stop that, this is not a gay club". When I asked him to say that again he did. I told him that he was not allowed to discriminate like that and he told me that this was a private club and he could say what he wanted. I reminded him that he couldn't actually discriminate on any basis of race, religion or sexual orientation in the UK.

At this point he literally dragged me to the end of the room by my arm (out of the eyes of the security cameras) -I can only guess what he was going to do as I got away. My boyfriend was then thrown out of the club as I watched.

So, if you want to go to a scary, discriminating, unpleasant club that thinks it's a self-governing island in the middle of London then go ahead. I personally think we need a wakeup call what's acceptable in 2010. Behaviour like this makes a mockery of civil liberties.

Apr 2, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
I love this place, it's great almost any night of the week. (i've been on tues ,fri and sat).
The guys at the door are nice, entry price is decent - even better if u get on the guest list! the music is awesome on all floors (the white room is the best!) and drinks r an alright price for such a gd location in central london.
If my night hasn't gone so well at other clubs, i always end up back here cos they always guarantee a good night!

Nov 22, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Was in On Anon last Friday, what an amazing night, Danee the manager what a star... helpfull and sooo cute!!! Defo gonna be back, loved the Club, and Happy hour was just a great start to our night!!!! thx on anon

Jul 28, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
I go to many venues in the west end but this is a complete was of time and money. Weasle doormen think they are the incredible hulk for no apparent reason, club is overpacked, drinks are slightly overpriced, music is dated, odd tension in the air as you walk around as crowd seems on knife edge rather than out to have a good night. You would have a better night out in your local Weatherspoons. Keep away.

Mar 18, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Wow, where do I start! I regularly go out in the West End of London and this club has to be by miles one of the biggest let downs of all time.

Went on Saturday night for a friend's birthday. Had to argue with the absolutely ignorant, aggressive and rude doormen to get in even though we were on guestlist! When we finally got in, although the club promotes itself as being on 5 or however many floors, we found them to be very narrow and compact and were welcomed by an overcrowded dancefloor on the first floor. You couldn't even get near the dancefloor all night let alone on it. We decided to go to the next floor which was dark and gloomy and just as overcrowded. The music could be called retro with many out of date tracks and the drinks overpriced for what I would describe as an average club.

Furthermore, a few more of our group arrived a little later and were rejected at the door as they were not in a mixed male and female group. They explained that they were on guestlist and the females were inside and although our female friends went to the entrance to prove this the doormen just ignored everyone and became even more aggressive. My recommendation is keep away from this so called 'premium' club because its a total waste of time and money! To think we went to the effort of booking the guestlist...if I could rate this club ZERO out of 10 I would

Feb 2, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
I went out to On Anon in London, (Supposedly One of the 'Best' Saturday Nights in London)

On my way out, I told a girl handing out flyers of the terrible night, in which she replied it's amazing isn't it???

"Erm no... did you hear me? I said terrible, BAD!'

The Music is a joke! 2001 and Before! There was No NEW Tracks played at all, just Justin Timberlake and Britney that were probably the newest tracks. The Dj had no idea about Lil Wayne or Kid Cudi??

There was a lot of people 'TO MANY' so turned into a mass school bundle with people being squashed and pushed, thus creating angry customers.

I needed to get drunk so ordered a jug of Long Island Iced Tea, in which the bar maid poured our the alcohol from a bottle that HAD BLACKING MASKING TAPE AROUND THE LABEL??

In asking her why this was, she stated that it was because the bar gets so busy! In which I looked and they had 6 people behind the bar and I was the only person ordering. The real reason was because they use cheap gut tearing watered down alcohol instead of what they should be putting in is my £15 worth!!

This is a big deal as we're paying our money for these massive companies to rip us off.

The reason was that it was a friends b-day party, (this is usually the case or for a work do) people invite people to go as a 'Safe Option' like people are scared to invite there mates to an alternative night.

Dec 7, 2008
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Absolutely brilliant, so many bars that you're never without a drink. Three dance floors so you can boogy on down to whatever your taste may be.

Oct 15, 2008
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Reviewed by emma123
Went to Onanon last friday and had a great night. Didn't have an area booking but the helpful hostess girls did a lot for us on the night to make sure that we had somewhere to gather. I do recommend that you book beforehand though, just for the security of having your own area and to be able to take part of all the offers. The girls mentioned that I could have gotten a champagne £25 cheaper if I had booked an area, and thats the one thing I was disappointed of with the night: but that was my own fault! :)

Good mix of guys and gals, great that there were different areas with different music so that everyone in my group could find something they liked.

Would def recommend this place!

Mar 12, 2008
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Reviewed by anna_spanner
Kind of depends what you're after - it's an absolute meat market, but if that's your thing, you'll love it! Girls can expect to be chatted up pretty much as soon as they set foot inside, but it can feel a bit on the seedy side. It's always been very busy when I've been there and as there are different floors, you'll probably find a music style you like. Quite cramped for dancing on Saturday nights.

Jan 9, 2008
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Reviewed by TheMog
Went for a few beers here last night. Overall a cool venue with decent staff, in the downstairs bar anyway, didn't spend much time in the other bars.

Couple of bad points, even though it's advertised as being open until 3 a.m. they closed up at 1:30. I can understand why as it wasn't that busy, however it's still dissappointing if you're up for drinking late. Also the beers are very expensive £3.50 a bottle.

All in all a cool bar/club.

May 17, 2005
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Reviewed by nimrod
Get there early to avoid the seating problem if you are a girl. If you are a bloke then it's great becuase you can 'stand up and drink'...

Sep 10, 2004
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Reviewed by Susie
This is great if you go on a night when it isn't too packed. The problem with having lots of small spaces/rooms is that they all seem to fill up quickly!

Jul 25, 2004
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