17-18 Irving Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 7AU
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17-18 Irving Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 7AU

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A breath of fresh air in Leicester Square. Spread over 3 floors, Oxygen has everything a night needs; a trendy terrace to soak up the afternoon rays; a chilled and refreshing main bar, with lots of seating and room to dance, this area is a recipe for an electric night! The Lounge bar produces the perfect setting next to fire places from the corporate to the most intimate of events. No night is complete without a large dance floor accompanied by DJ's who are guaranteed to get you dancing every night!

Our basement club creates a energised atmosphere garnished with a dark sexy vibe. We have three very different but equally enticing bars to suit all moods and occasions all under one roof!

User Reviews

Reviewed by MissDD
This club is absolutely appalling, the customer service is below minimum standard and poor.

I should have known better when I never received a response to my online booking through their website of a booth for 5 persons.

Was having a birthday party celebration on Friday 11 Nov 2011 and thought this would be a lovely venue as it was central to all transport for my guests.

When I got there and spoke to the door person, presumably the manager he was quite rude, when I explained that we booked online but received nothing, and would he mind checking their reservation/booking system he mumbled, roughly grabbed my hands and stamped it with a 'paid' and let us in.

On entry we saw EXACTLY why it was called a dump by my other guests, who left after being treated badly (they arrived early). The furniture is tacky and not very clean, no one was coming around to clean/clear the glasses or wipe the tables.

After about 20mins wait we got seating downstairs thanks to a kind waiter.
As you walk down the stairs the stench of urine hits you from the toilets as the doors were wide open and not clean

Caution to ladies, the toilet doors do not lock.

We had vouchers for drink specials but were told it was only available at the bar upstairs, so we had to keep walking upstairs if we wanted cocktails or to use the vouchers.

At 11:30pm we placed and order for drinks, and while waiting for the incompetent and RUDE girl serving to get it right -AFTER TAKING OUR MONEY, our friends were coming upstairs with coats in hand and the security going around clapping hands at people telling them 'ok we are closed now, you gotta leave'.

Of course we had just paid for and only just received 5 drinks.
Asked for plastic cups to take our drinks with us, they did not understand what we meant by PLASTIC CUPS, when she finally got it, she said 'we don't have that here'.

We were forced to rush down our drinks, and made to feel very unwelcomed at this club.


Nov 13, 2011
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Reviewed by natedogg
we went to this bar to watch the champions league final, they charged us £10 to get in with the promise of big screen tv's, sky tv and cheap drinks. As it turned out none of those things were true, instead it was a patchy ITV reception with the picture cutting out every 5 mins and expensive drinks and watered down drinks, in the end the whole place literally walked out, we stayed on and towards the end of the game the very aggressive and rude staff took away our chairs and table for no real reason or apology, when complaint was made they just laughed in our faces. I have never experienced such a poor attitude to customers do not go here

Jul 19, 2011
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Reviewed by Not given from Not given
Went here around about two weeks ago and am deffo going again, planning to this weekend! Good music and a Good and happy atmosphiere! Drinks are reasonable and so is the price to get in! Had a really good night and i cant wait to go back this Saturday :p

Name: Not given
Location: Not given

Mar 21, 2011
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Had a pretty cool night in Oxygen last night. It looks to me that is one of the best club in Leicester Sq, top hits music and great atmosphere. Also prices were not bad either and the staff r friendly. Will definitely go there again!

Jun 18, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Fantastic bar/ nightclub! Everything about this place is fantastic - definitely recommend for a great night out!

Jun 6, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Me and my friend had a great time in Oxygen last night. Fantastic place, lot's of hits and lovely staff!I would recommend it to everyone.

Jun 4, 2010
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Reviewed by kristyana
I love going to Oxygen Bar, is a great place to spend a fabulous night!!!

Apr 9, 2010
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Reviewed by kristyana
I've been to Oxygen couple of weeks ago and it was really cool, the crowd was so nice and the music played just perfect. I did not have such a great night for long time, I would really recommend it!

Mar 31, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Friendly staff, played good music and the crowd was awesome :).Great place, i would really recommend it.

Mar 29, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Was at Oxygen on wednesday night. Had a lush night, so did my friends.
Music was brilliant as were the drinks prices, which its very important to me at the moment! Didn't get to see the whole place as they didn't open the club downstairs whilst I was there, so I shall go back and see it soon! Would recommend to all who want to have fun!

Mar 4, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Been there on Friday with some friends and had a wicked night...we spend most of the night in the Club,really good music and atmosphere.We look forward in going back there.

Feb 15, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
I organised works drinks on Friday Night after work. I phoned ahead and got a nice area on the first floor by an open fire, which was a very welcome surprise with all this cold weather. We grabbed some bargain cocktails during Happy Hour.
Happy Hour ended at 8pm, so prices did go up, but it wasn't too expensive!
We had lots of fun and stayed there way passed what I thought we would.
I had a couple of problems with the queues for the toilets, and one girl, who was a customer was extremely rude to me as I was waiting, but drunken idiots are just drunken idiot and should be ignored!
Great, Fun, Warm Bar. Top Spot in Leicester Square!

Feb 15, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Usually i avoid this PR people who are trying to get you into clubs.However, I was in Leicester Square with my friends on Saturday and didn't have a clue about which club to pick.While we walk around a handsome guy offered us free drink vouchers to Oxygen Bar and first we didn't want to get them, but in the end we said why not? So, we went there and find a pretty cool club.The atmosphere was electrifying, prices affordable and the staff really polite, the cloakroom tickets a bit expensive but overall we had a great night and we are considering going back there soon :).

Feb 12, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Ah where to beggin. I went to oxygen with my cousin around 2 or 3 weeks ago and i wasnt very impressed. First of all, the dance room was way too small. The top floor where u supposed to chill out is always full and the cocktails werent that great. I made reservations to the club a week before going and made reservations over the phone, but when i arrived there they coudnt find my name down the list, which was pretty annoying, but the door men since noticing my patience was running shourtly they made me pass anyway, still annoying thought. The music there is very repetitive since this was my second time i went there. If you are like me and give this club a second chance thinking it might be better this time around, it proved me i was very wrong. There are no girls to pull in this place ither, since most of the people there are guys. Well this is about it really.

Jan 15, 2010
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Had a good night at Cocktail Experience shame about the aftercare.
Paid for Cocktail Experience and cheques which were ageed to be paid in instalments were cashed at once nearly 4 months later! This caused me to go overdrawn and occur bank charges.
Complained and member of management made allegations against me stating I knew cheques had not been cashed and went to club expecting a free night out with free drinks! so tried to take it further and no one could give me the owners details.
Two weeks after initial complaint contact given of Head Office who offered me free drinks as gesture of goodwill.

I live 60 miles away so not a local drinking hole!

So disapointing as the actual night out was really enjoyable.

Would not recommend - if you get a problem there will be no way of sorting it out as I was given the impression that they are just are not interested :0(

Oct 2, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Giving this 2 out of 10, mainly due to the girls in the top floor bar who served us and did actually smile and try to make some conversation. Otherwise this place is an absolute dive. As a group of girls we were offered free tickets to get in so we thought we would give it a go. People outside seemed keen to get in there to, a group of fellas outside said they were desperate to get in there as they had heard it was a great club, but they were not allowed in without a woman. They did try to get in with us but the bouncers were having none of it and actually turned very nasty with us to. As our other 8 friends had alredy gone in we were eventually allowed in. It's a really pokey place, the ground floor looks bigger cos of mirrors. The music on the ground floor was ok they, clubbing but not heavy rave stuff. The top floor is like a chill out area with fires on when it was heatwave weather! The lower floor has club music, and we did quite a bit of dancing but then it got real heavy rave stuff and when you look around it is a real dive with some older desperate looking people in there. The bouncers are pretty heavy in there to, we saw them throw a few out and we couldn't see they were doing anything wrong, just partying like the rest of us were trying to do. Seriously do not recommend this place to anyone.

Jun 28, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
If I could rate this place a zero trust me i would. Was in London for weekend and decided to go out Friday night. Someone had recommended Leicester square to us but when we turned up we couldn't decide where to go. All these nightclub reps kept aproaching us trying to get us into their clubs. We decided to go to oxygen as we were told it would be "our kind of place, great music etc.". We had to buy tickets for £10 each, which I now think we got conned into buying, and when we got in there it was tiny, dingy and dirty. Also the bouncers and staff at the door were extremely rude. It was the worst club I've ever been to. We left straightaway. I would not recommend for anybody to go there, and I'd advise people to stay away from those club reps-theres definately something strange going on with the whole system.

Jun 8, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Me and 3friends of mine were looking for some nice place to have couple of drinks on the Sunday night(it was Easter). While we were walking some black guy came to us and said there was a great party going on in Oxygen and the entrance was just £5 each. He took us to some kiosk where we bought 4 tickets. He took us to the Oxygen. The bouncer took our tickets and let us in without any stamps. Also we were told by a black guy that all the drinks were £2.50 the whole night. We came in and it was horrible inside. A lot of drunk disgusting man in there and drinks ,ofcourse, werent £2.50 but £5.50. But whats better, when I decided to go outside to meet my friend on the station, I asked bouncer to put me some stamp, he just laughed and said that the entrance was FREE. That was so rude! in general I quite liked the bar/club inside, but after we were fooled about the entrance I do not respect that place.

Apr 16, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Well, i don't want to rant but i have to!! me and my girls went on a night out to oxygen and once we got inside we were all very disappointed. The club rep whom we met said the music would be a mixture of funkyhouse,bashment,rnb,soca. As we're 18 and one of our friends had just turned it we thought it would be FANTASTIC, yet once we made our ways inside, we found the crowd to be ALL over 30, no-one there was our age and none of the music we were told was playing..was actually playing! if you like techno and disco then i would recommend it, but we didn't so it was very disappointing. If you're under the age of 25..don't go, and do not go if you've just turned 18! Would give you a bad experience for your first time! However, the club rep said perhaps we'd had the wrong night, and that there'd be a younger crowd with more of our kind of music playing on a later night, so maybe it was just that. However, for now..i wouldn't recommend anyone go to Oxygen. However, the staff there are very polite.

Apr 4, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
went to oxygen 4 the 1st time in february with my best mate who lives far from me, it woz the best nite out we had ever had, its a wicked club downstairs, really good music, security and barstaff r good. My mate loved it so much shes cumin bak down this way this weekend and we goin back 4 another wicked nite, the only thing is the prices of drinks are very expensive but its down in the city so was 2 be expected i suppose, well worth a great nite tho x

Mar 17, 2009
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Reviewed by Tiffany De'Ath
I had A Brilliant night at Oxygen they have three floors ... so it has three different types of music did'nt saty for the clubbing the first night just Relax having cheap cocktails on Happy Hour.. But Last sat i headed up there where i find myself Bein dancing and drinking alnite long...x And i pulled great night !

Jul 9, 2007
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Reviewed by whippsy
The oxygen bouncers told me and 2 friends that it was free entry, we ended up paying £15 to get in. The drinks were flat, the atmosphere was dingy and the toilets were all out of order.
The ratio of men to women was about 9 to 1 in favour of men. i will definatly not be going back here.

Jul 9, 2007
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Reviewed by John Loughman
Avoid this place if you can, I went there last night with a male friend. I got to the top of the queue and was informed that because I wasn't with a female I wasn't allowed in. I pointed out that this was sexist, but was told that there were too many men in the club already. I understand not letting in groups of drunk men or women, but not letting in men because they're men is a joke. Rubbish policy and against the Law (Sex Discrimination Act 1975). I've written a letter to the club, I'll be suprised if I get a response, the door staff were quite rude.


Dec 16, 2006
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Reviewed by Letlondon
My girlfriends and I went to Oxygen last Saturday and had a great time!
This oxygen in cans thing is really interesting!
The music was great and we danced until it closed!

May 26, 2006
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Reviewed by xx_rosanna_xx
I went to oxygen about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and decided to go back on saturday nite with my friend. However i now realize that the reason i enjoyed it on the first occasion was because i was very drunk. The downstairs club was full of disgusting leary men who kept trying to touch us, it was horrible and all we wanted to do was leave. The barstaff were the same. The ground floor played excellent music but there was no room to dance as it just a bar really and upstairs was dead. We will not be returning.

May 8, 2006
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Reviewed by Mazzi
Oxygen was the start of a fab night out, think it was a Friday and the bar was packed, still managed to get a seat though. The music was perfect, we were loving it! We found ourselves moving onto the cocktails quite early on, with the intention of trying out a few different ones. I think the first one we tried was called a Pink Pussy (could be wrong but it was something like that) - we liked it so decided to keep to it - again, and again...

Sep 6, 2005
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Reviewed by Party Amimal
I was in oxygen last saturday with a group of friends for my girlfriends birthday. We all had a great time, we got in there about 7.30 and got a couple of cocktails and some wine, and were amazed at the price, really cheap. We found out that they have a happy hour, even on a saturday; unfortunately when we ent back to the bar it had fininshed, it stops at 8.
Later when the D.J start the music was claisc, all the party anthems a some dance in there as well.
The coctails were great and the atmosphere was crazy. It was a great night out, but I had one hell of a hangover in the morning. We'll be back there again for another fun night. well recomended!!

May 12, 2005
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Reviewed by Elizaschnoodles
I went to Oxygen recently to meet some friends. After a lot of persuasion, an over-zealous bouncer at the stairs let my partner and me go upstairs to find our friends even though "the upstairs bar is full." Strangely, once the entrance fee kicked in after 10, people were allowed to come upstairs like it was going out of style.

The (bottled) beer was flat, as was the coke. When I asked my JD & coke to be replaced I was served up another glass of flat coke.

The house wine was nice though, and the music wasn't as awful as you'd expect from a London nightclub. It was even played at a reasobable volume early in the evening, but they turned it up later, making conversation impossible.

Mar 15, 2005
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Reviewed by juliet
Review picture
Had a fantastic night, the Lounge Bar is a great place to hire for parties, staff were quick, friendly and really looked after us. The 'Purple Turtle' @ happy hour went down a treat! Music was great in the club - definately visit again.

Jan 7, 2005
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Reviewed by TheMog
The upstairs part of Oxygen is great for a few drinks I'm not convinced by the club downstairs, it's a bit small, the toilets are tiny but they still manage to squeeze an attendent in there.

Jul 22, 2004
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