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3-4 Coventry Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 6BL
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3-4 Coventry Street, Chinatown, London, W1D 6BL

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The Service at Café de Paris...

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One is acutely aware that crossing the threshold of Café de Paris is unlikely to result in a quietly reserved evening of entertainment, however the new Friday night offering from London’s most glamorous bunker is like no other.

The Service is an immersive theatrical spectacular, merging burlesque and cabaret with a healthy dose of history from one of the world’s most renowned clubs; and what a history it has. From the roaring ‘20s to the big bands of the ‘40s, Princess Margaret’s 21st birthday party in the ‘50s to the secret A-list parties of the ‘90s, this is one show that offers a glimpse of the devilish debauchery that these four walls have seen over more than nine decades. If only they could talk.

Without giving too much away, prepare to be wowed. The Service brings together a plethora of performers from the club’s history, from Josephine Baker to Marlene Dietrich via cheeky maids and bellboys spraying champagne, soaring acrobatically above the crowd and sharing seductive secrets throughout the evening. The host and Maître d’, Reuben Kaye, has the audience in the palm of his hand; full of witty entendres, cheeky stories and dirty comments, he’s the star of the show; resplendent in glittering lipstick and envy-inducing false eyelashes he reminded us all ‘I didn’t get dressed up like this to live in your feeble memories’. He guides his guests through an evening of daring escapades, music, dance, laughter, drama and some impressive mammary pyrotechnics… It’s an evening out like no other and your jaw will most certainly end up on the floor more than once.

Guests can either book in for a space on the mezzanine to watch the show with waiter service and their own bar (£20) or indulge in a series of dinner packages on the floor, with the best seats in the house - dangerously close to action - accompanied by an £75 VIP dining package, comprising a three course meal and half bottle of prosecco.

Our starter of thick cut smoked salmon, accompanied by cucumber salsa and horseradish cream, was delicious, chunky and tender with a good kick to the cream. My main of truffle and ricotta tortellini with steamed spinach and chive cream was suitably rich and indulgent, though just the right portion size to avoid bringing on a carb coma and my guest’s steak was reported to be rather tasty, with an excellent side of perfectly crunchy chips. We finished off with a creamy passion fruit cheesecake accompanied with a couple of their dazzlingly delicious cocktails.

With the space turning into a dance floor until the small hours, Café de Paris certainly doesn’t do things by halves - it’s easy to see how this glamorous underground lair has retained its crown as one of London’s most indulgent party venues. For a night like no other, The Service offers a sparkling evening of entertainment you won’t be able to resist.

Reviewed by Laurel
Published on Apr 24, 2018

Sells itself on its cabaret, Leicester Square location and the ballroom vibe of its interior.

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If you’ve ever wondered who used to buy those double CD albums of dance classics complete with sparkling red lips on the cover, just head down to Café de Paris and you’ll find out. Big, busy and ostentatious, the club night side of the central London institution is pure obnoxious fun. Club classics, old skool garage, EDM and all the other popular/trendy music tropes can be heard here but at £20 to get in after 11pm they’re going to make you pay for it all. Considering the fact that you can get in to Fabric for less and stay there for longer – not to mention its lineup of world famous DJs – Café de Paris has to sell itself on its Leicester Square location and the ballroom vibe of its interior.

This is just the type of club where you can expect to see Grey Goose wielding lads screaming along to Calvin Harris like it’s going out of fashion – which it probably is. But that’s no bad thing. On the occasion that we visit it is hard to spot anyone not behaving like they haven’t been out in six months. In short, it’s fun if you like music you know, that everybody else knows, that you can dance around to until 3am. It may not be Mahiki or Boujis but it is going to have a go at it anyway - drinks are certainly expensive enough at close to £14 for two beers.

Moneyed students, tourists, weekend West-Enders; Café de Paris still attracts a mixed bunch. And while it may not be the international hotspot it was when it opened back in 1924, it is definitely something.

Reviewed by T.A.O
Published on Jul 1, 2014

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If it’s Made in Chelsea you want then Café De Paris is the place to find them. The perfect place for long silences and scripted reality, if you hang around long enough you might even make the next series. In fact, Café De Paris is also one of London’s most historical venues and actually rather delightful.

User Reviews

Reviewed by lucy grands from london
Amazing venue for an amzing night out! I've been to the club last Saturday for my friend's birthday and that was fantastic. Great music, good people, nice staff and lovely decor.
You have to try it ;-)

Name: lucy grands
Location: london

Apr 30, 2012
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Reviewed by Linda Herman from London
Loved the atmosphere, decor is very glam. All the staff was awesome, fantastic music, good people! One word: BRILLIANT! Will go back again.

Name: Linda Herman
Location: London

Apr 23, 2012
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Where to start, we decided to Book up Cafe de Paris for our Christmas Party this year. We did the whole bang shoot, hired the Limo, dressed up in our glitz & glam started off very well. The Entrance was absolutely gorgeous & the hostess was lovely. She showed us to our table (the dance floor had been converted into the seating area) and it really looked lovely...that's where it ended!!
The waiting staff were so unfriendly, I'm sure I even heard one 'shoosh' a guest at the table. Our food was brought out by a guy who looked like he was doing a 'deer in the headlight' impression and it was brought out in drips & drabs. We had to beg for the wine that we had pre-ordered & we had to eat to a timescale. In fact, our one guest left to use the toilet and came back and they had removed his chair in order to clear the dance floor, he had to stand for 10 minutes while the rest of us finished up. We then had a problem with the bill, which was sorted out at a later stage although it did feel like quite a fight even though we had spent lots of money (must say the lady who did the Initial email reservations was brilliant and she cleared things up later in the week). We then moved up to the VIP area, I have to say that this was good service. We did have a dedicated lady who looked after us the rest of the evening serving us drinks in style etc so for that & the Initial reservations staff I'll give it two stars. I just think for all the money spent, the food is mediocre & the waiting staff are unfriendly (an explanation being that they work very hard, yes we work hard too which is why we deserved a nice Christmas Party)! There may be other places more suitable for a good night...PS: In the bathroom, I overheard a lady say that they had spent over £1000.00 on dinner and went to the bar/seating area for a drink but were then being asked to leave if they didn't buy more booze...NICE!!!

Dec 15, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
great place, really good looking crowd. friendly staff and not too expensive drinks.
worth getting a table in the vip area, better view of the dancers lol.
gets really busy on a Saturday.

Mar 2, 2009
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Reviewed by Anonymous
I thought this place was great. We got there early on friday night and had almost no que. Fair enough the drinks were quite expensive but I thought they were priced about right for the place. You would hardly come here expecting a bargain. The place was beautiful.

Sep 13, 2008
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Reviewed by Anonymous
Way over rated, we were on guestlist but still had to pay £15 and que for ages in the rain! when we got in we were told we could go upstairs to the VIP bit but if someone wants to sit down you have to move!!! nice!!! Drinks were way over priced- £8 for a Ameretto and coke! Large wine was about £5!! its really small in there so when it got busier you could hardly move and was really hot! i will say the staff were pretty nice tho. full of pretentious people and pervy guys but where dont you get that! so was an ok night nothing amazing!

Sep 5, 2008
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Reviewed by lovergirl
Cafe de paris is too hyped up,was there 2 weeks ago with a couple of some A-list class friends from america on a saturday and it was too couldnt even dance without tippin over someone's drink...the people at the door are rather rude especially the girls(didnt like the reception) and it being my first night there,i was rather disappointed.
Too much hype for something low

Mar 14, 2008
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Reviewed by vdiva1988
cafe de paris is very much hyped up but neverless i still had a good time. i'd say it was quite a small club but you could call it cosy. if you want a seat u need to reserve or make friends with old rich guys that don't mind sharing. this club is worth going to just to say you've been there and me and my friends did meet some peculia, but friendly people

Dec 28, 2006
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Reviewed by greenleafje
I went to cafe de paris on a Tuesday. It was excellent. No pretentious people as stated before. The barmen were very friendly and swift...going back there tonight actually. See how it is going!

Sep 1, 2006
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Reviewed by AmyBlount
Went along to the Café de Paris on Saturday for a meal and a dance to celebrate my forthcoming wedding…WHAT A MISTAKE. We were told the place opened at 6 but ended up sitting in their dingy church hall for an hour until the place actually opened at 7. The meal we ordered proved to be, at best, mediocre. For £60/head I strongly advise you to go to any of the myriad of excellent restaurants in London. At Maze, Zuma, Locanda Locatelli, Pied a Terre, even Hakkasan you can eat for £60/head: there numerous decent restaurants that you can enjoy at this level. This is not one of them. Opt for somewhere where the chef actually knows the difference between a soufflé and a mousse, for example and w

May 22, 2006
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Reviewed by San
I found cafe de paris pathetically up themselves!! esp the doormen!!the women in charge think they are god's gifts!! they lie, they are rude, they can push u out of the queue if they feel like it!
AND the guestlist means NOTHIN!! u have it or not makes no difference.... we went all dressy on sat 20th may on ma birthday, we were polite, and asked for the gestlist i had, and they jus sed it DINT EXIST!then as we stood outside the que some ota gals jus came and sed "we r on guestlist" and walked straight in!!!
If u want to waste ur time and spoil ur day, do go ther! Besides the interior isnt as great nway,it smells of sweat the last time i went and the music bores u!!! my advice... a NO-

May 21, 2006
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Reviewed by christina...
Even though the drinks maybe quite expensive, this is somewhere you should definately go. It is a beautiful club and the crowd is generally mixed. I think it all depends on the night and the crowd that goes which will determine whether you have a good time or not.

Mar 29, 2006
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Reviewed by Ruth Holland
overpriced!!! full of pretentious people in suits, drinks far too expensive and the music is recycled after 12 o'clock

Nov 21, 2005
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Reviewed by kev840
never been here before just wanted to know what its like

Dec 17, 2004
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