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7 / 10 from 4 reviews
43 Thurloe Street
South Kensington
020 7584 6678
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South Kensington
0.03 miles
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Situated in South Kensington, Boujis is a private members venue that boasts a nightclub area and facilities for private parties. With its intimate setting complete with giant waterbed, you'll be in for an entertaining night at the very least. They also have a dancefloor and different DJ's playing a host of tunes throughout the week.

User Reviews


Sep 4, 2012

Fantastic place to go on Thursdays, season starts in September for a clubhouse 80ties, the best parties I have been in London in a last year or so. Can get a bit crowded sometimes, like everywhere else where is good ;)

May 21, 2008

Great music, fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff. I had there the best night out ever…

May 25, 2007

Me and my mate were queuing on Tuesday night. There was a relatively short queue and people were being let in quite quickly. There were 3 guys infront of us, and there were some ladies queuing on the other side. A Bougis lady with a clipboard came out and asked the 3 guys infront of us whether they had any ladies with them. They said no, she then turned to my mate and I and asked the same. We to replied no it's just us 2. She then asked me whether I had booked. I said no. She said well even if you had booked you probably won't get in. Why did she tell us to go away and not any of the others that were waiting there. We were dressed smartly. Make up your own minds.PS my friend and I are Indi
boston Sunshine

Nov 1, 2006

If you want it to be crowded and impossible to get into- go on Tuesday night. IF you get in, which if you know how you will, it will be amazing. Great music, great dancing and great looking people!
Now if you want it to be a little chiller but more fun..I say go Wed! I love Wed there!
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