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just to make clear,presume im their target market,english titled well off and not too repellent on the eye
mention this not to blow my own trumpet but rather to explain that my negative review cant be dismissed as merely due to a chip on the shoulder
entered with some members
place clean,well presented.main room is a dance floor,with good techno type music,with seating around dance is small and a bit of a scrum.
managed to buy a few drinks.youre looking at annabels type prices here. bit cheeky, but never mind
found seat by dance chance to chat as music is very loud.however gave chance to observe people.moderate smattering of pretty dollies, vying for attention on the dancefloor.all dressed up,full make up and making an effort
ratio of men to girls 3 to 1.perculiar mix of types showing their subalterns.wannabe young trendy boys whirling about,like dervishes. perhaps theyre glitterati types,but have no interest and wouldnt have a clue anyway.apparently younger royals go and though theyre relations,imagine that for most,must be as amusing as looking at goldfish in a bowl.all in all eveyone trying a tad too hard to impress who knows who
the important thing is to have had a good time,minor celebs and royals notwithstanding and theres the problem
after 7 rounds of various shots we were still as sober as judges.perhaps others came in half cut on something, but theres something fishy going on with the booze.
foreign bouncers try to look hard and surround the dance floor gith an air of menace and are surly.laughable for anyone whose taken a few scalps in the field.even the bog attendant was arrogant and impertinent.went out for a fag and despite informing the nice black lady on the door she forgot and it was a pain to re enter
by now patience wearing thin and contemplating arranging rent review,immigration raid etc.raffles must learn that it costs nothing to be charming and polite to all,you never know who you are dealing w

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