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This has been the most awful experience we ever had. The service was terrible; the girl looked like she hates her job, never smiled even once, no hi, no thank you, no nothing at all, but she made an effort to come to the table exactly 10 minutes after we sat to ask us if we have finished, when we said no (obviously nobody can eat in 10 minutes) she still replied back "not yet?" what type of employer takes people with such an absence of people skills???????
If only the service were bad, it still could get away with it, but the so called buffet (which was 3 different type of dry pizzas) was the worst I have ever seen in my life; dry tasteless pizza with an awful £1 frozen base probably bought at Asda, which the vegetarian option consist of having ONE piece of corn on it!!!!! (such a lucky person I felt when I took that slice).
The final slap on my face was when we when to pay and the bill out of magic came from what the advertised as £5.45 per buffet to we don't know how but 2 buffets and 2 small still waters became £19.25, automatically charged £1.75 for the wonderful service that I haven't asked to be charge for (neither I experienced any service). £20 for dry pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They made our day!!!

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