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Not good at all. Really is quite poor, and I'm being generous.

The positive is that the inside is incredible; it's decorating with a South African theme and looks fantastic. The food service is also quite good. The positives then decided to stop. I went with 8 other people
We were lucky as we had heavily discounted vouchers, we found on the internet, but it still came to around £50 per head. We had pre-drinks on the top floor, the prices were ridiculous and the waiter didn't understand what we were saying. You go to the lower floor to eat. The menu is extravagant and sound mouth-watering. The reality is that the food is under seasoned, overcooked and lacks any sort of flavour. We had a variety of meats and they all tasted the same. We asked for medium, and got well done. Other in our party asked for rare and got well done. Some of our starter was inedible, and hard as a rock. Even the garlic tasted weird and was certainly not fresh. A really really poor effort. left us feeling like we had been short-changed.
I would not recommend this place at all. If you're spending such large amounts of money go elsewhere. Or spend it on the lottery, you have more chance of being satisfied. Utterly, utterly let down.

The chips were good.

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