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28/08/08 @ 7-7:30 pm

What a disgrace !!!!! Been to the edge on many occasions. My work colleague was waiting to be served at the bar. And a group of my work colleges were waiting outside. It was 7.15pm and not many people were waiting, 2 bar staff were on duty downstairs. So, after 10 minutes I went into the bar to see why it was taking so long. I noticed 4 customers had come in while he was waiting and were being served, yet my friend was still waiting.

The two bar staff; one black guy and another small guy were on duty. I informed them this was completely rude only then to be told by the small guy to f**k off!!!!!! I was mortified "what a disgrace", how un-professional and disgusting is this, many people around the bar then over heard and made an apology, however the barman who made the remark remained un-phased by what he said.

It seems this member off staff needs to be taught some basic manners and with his current attitude is surprising how he managed to secure a job behind the bar. It seems that If your face doesn't fit then you don't get served......this is no excuse!

In my opinion, better training or hiring procedures should be adopted otherwise you may loose many more customers.


Martin Perry

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