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Here is an example of a business that has replied to a user comment: response example. In this example the business manager shows a professional and rational approach that would only serve to give new customers more confidence in the business.

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Yesterday I had a coffee and pizza. Bill came to £4. I handed the man a £10 note. He gave me change. I returned to my seat only to see that he had given me 5 one pound coins and a penny! (£5.01) The man apologised and gave me the one pound coin. Today I paid for three mint tea and a hot chocolate. The waiter (another man from yesterday) said I owed £8. I gave him a £10 note. He gave me the change. Walking out I noticed a pound coin and 3 twenty pence coins......short 40 pence. I did not have time to return but am upset that this has happened twice now. I like La Brioche but am disappointed

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