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Here is an example of a business that has replied to a user comment: response example. In this example the business manager shows a professional and rational approach that would only serve to give new customers more confidence in the business.

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Having waited in a queue in excess of 30 minutes on a stairway and landing ( also being used for people waiting for the toilets ) We arrived at the doorway to the restaurant. We had been asked previously "how many" and 3 couples ourelves included said "two" We waited again watching a table for 4 which had not been accupied for a very long time however we were not asked if we would like to share it. The couple behind us gave up and walked off. Then the couple in front of us were seated. Along came 4 people who stood behind us and were immediately told to come in as they had a table for 4 avalable. When I asked why we had been there and not been allocated a table was told " its not our policy !". This seems very unfair what about the single diners sitting at tables for two there then! I would like to add that a better attitude and a little courtesy go a long way

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