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On the whole the club is great! The club has a very up beat atmosphere. The clientele was too my liking and all very friendly and fun. There was a good selection of music both commerical and underground. The bar staff fantastic and very chatty.
The only bad aspect of this club is the door staff. Although, i was on the guess list, i was kept waiting longer than those who were not. After being asked my name, the door staff disappeared for 15 minutes and came back ignoring me and then walked off again! I had to ask another doorstaff where she has gone and they told me they didnt know and was unable to find out. After waiting about 30 minutes, i asked another doorstaff what the wait was. Instead of answering me, she let me in.
My friend came a little later and was refused entry because he was a guy! The club was not full but they refused him entry because the door lady said the guy to girl ratio was to high! The door staff kept my friend waiting for 45minute before telling me this and she did so only because i enquired! The door staff was very rude and incompetent!
That aside, i had a good night out

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