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Cash & Carry at 147 Ealing Road
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6 / 10 from 15 reviews
147 Ealing Road
020 8795 0387
Nearest Station
0.27 miles
Cash & Carry
Opening Times
Monday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Tuesday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Wednesday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Thursday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Friday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Saturday Open 09:30 - Closes 18:45
Sunday Open 10:30 - Closes 17:30

User Reviews

Albert Koate

Apr 10, 2024

good shop for cheap Indian ingredients/snacks...
Desi Jatt
from Wembley

Oct 23, 2023

A helpful asian store where all desi spice as well as other items are available every time and all asian enjoyed home taste in the london. Weldon VB sons
Disha chauhan
from Ealing road,wembly

Sep 20, 2023

Very nice shop.But some of ladies working there is very rude they need some training.They just do not know how to talk politely.
from Barnet

Mar 13, 2023

I received a PCN Charge from vb and sons, Wembley, for overstaying 15mins. I have a disabled badge, which was displayed. Due to shortages in store some items I was unable to purchase, thus I had to go to other stores nearby. Two weeks later I received the PCN Notice from them.
Due to the Cost of Living Crisis, in the short term they need to make up their shortfall in profits through the PCN Charges, thereby penalising their own customers.
But in the long term they will loose loyal customers like me. This is the last time I will shop there.
V desai
from Birmingham

May 16, 2022

I went to shopping from Birmingham I parked my car VB&Sons 147,Ealing road.I entered inside for shopping and I bought lots of thing I waited for payment but there was long waiting for payment I waited in line so I didn’t know out side time limit for parking I park 10 minutes extra.after few day they send me parking charge it too much £60 parking charges.I am shocked when I received letters.
After I desied I never going to shop v b
from Wembley

Aug 18, 2021

Convenient shop for Indian groceries. Been shopping since last 30 years. I must say no improvement in customer service. There is no desire to provide exemplary service in a specialised area. I still reluctantly use them but check out for timely offers in asda and tesco for most Indian groceries. I have reduced my visits to VB now. No concept of customer service at all. However, at times depending on the day and mood of some staff, there may be rare assistance and pleasant experience. I am not sure if they actually take any note of these reviews. We can only live in hope.. I do wonder about the owners and staff... That do they use services of any kind in UK to appreciate or realise their incompetence....
from Wembley

May 27, 2021

Really nice shop just need some staff training specially ladies working there some of them they are so rude and some are really good.it looks like they don’t care of customers
maha hakim

Oct 18, 2018

I used to go with my mother 27 years ago and I am still go at least ounces every two months. It's very nice spices ,fresh and good prices. The staff very friendly, they do recognise me as regular customer and they are very friendly despite there is language barrier but even though they help a Lot.
from London

Feb 21, 2015

Its nice place to shop indian grocery. I think some staffs need to be trained for customer service skills. Its the attitude they have to adjust.
Shahid butt
from Wembley

Mar 4, 2014

I have been visted onley store couple of time . Very nice store and very cheap realy like it....
from alperton

Jan 27, 2013

this is a suoer dooper store and i am loving their vast variety of goods and services. the staff are very pretty and oh so helpful. they are the most beautiful girls in store. many thanks for your helping hands.

Name: suresh
Location: alperton
from Forest Gate

May 13, 2012

I have been visited the store only couple of time but really liked the store because we can fine almost all Indian food veritis available in cheaper cost. I wish they could open their branch in east London also.

Name: Gunjan
Location: Forest Gate
from Harrow.

Feb 9, 2011

Long established, dependable large Asian food market. Variety of items. Usually lower priced (a little bit) than most other shops like this. Bulk items are better value. Some are good quality items, some are of low quality. Short use-by-dates and foods do tend to become spoilt if you don't use them quick enough. Fast, efficient service. Very crowded due to being popular. I'll be visiting the new branch in Harrow as it is supposed have good "opening" special offers.

Name: Shan
Location: Harrow.

Apr 17, 2010

good place to buy indian spices ..you will find almost everything you need for your indian cupboard.. I prefer buying at VB sons for all my indian groceries .. plus you get good value for money ... 9 points from my side

Jul 22, 2009

best indian groceries in london good value for money quality products best wishes for your new south london store
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