Whistle Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaner at 53 Long Lane
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5 / 10 from 7 reviews
53 Long Lane
The City
020 7726 8243
The City
Nearest Station
0.12 miles
Dry Cleaners
Opening Times
Monday Open 07:30 - Closes 18:30
Tuesday Open 07:30 - Closes 18:30
Wednesday Open 07:30 - Closes 18:30
Thursday Open 07:30 - Closes 18:30
Friday Open 07:30 - Closes 18:30
Saturday Open 09:00 - Closes 17:00
Sunday Closed

User Reviews

Richard Auob
from London

Aug 4, 2017

The WORSE drycleaners I've been to in over 15years been living in London. They "cleaned" my 4 suits and 4shirts but they came back dirty and worn. My suits under arms uncleaned- even after given the instructions to the lady on the counter. The ironing was like child's play, creases all over. Bad! On the day of collection I spoke with this Eastern Europe guy on the counter, he seems clueless on how to deal with customers... No apologies for the shoddy work. Don't waste your time or money here... poor work-shipment and poor service!
from Smithfield

Oct 13, 2015

Loud rave music blaring throughout - for the benefit of the staff, I suppose. One girl on the till, another weirdly squatting behind the counter! They had no bags; I was collecting a suit. No attempt to help: "You'll have to check the alterations
yourself; we don't know what they are." So I did, and was met with a surly response when I made them refold the suit afterwards.
There are plenty of dry cleaners round here; I'll go elsewhere from now on.
from London

Feb 3, 2015

Very nice and quick service for very good price. Staff very friendly and always willing to help!
from London

Oct 12, 2014

Good service for a cheep price and very friendly staff. Good Luck!
from Smithfield

Feb 20, 2014

The WORSE drycleaners I've been to in over 40years.They "cleaned" my shirts 2 times but they came back dirty and worn.Brand New white shirt turned beige,Collars,cuffs & under arms uncleaned-looked like shirts dipped in dirty water & then ironed. The ironing was like child's play, creases all over. Bad! I asked for the manager to lodge complaint,was told he's not around. Attendant refused to give me manager's number, said he would call me instead.No one rang, No apologies for the shoddy work, Instead was told Not to Expect any better 3rd time around. Don't waste your time here.0 cust ser
from EC1A

Sep 21, 2013

Always had friendly, prompt, efficient service from this place. Get all our shoe repairs, clothing repairs, new linings in jackets and trousers, buttons on coats and pockets... Not sure why I wouldn't give them a 10 then again I can't think of any business I would give a 10...
from London

Mar 22, 2011

I would warn anybody NOT to go to this place. This is the Whistle Dry Cleaners in Long Lane. I havent been to any other branch so cant judge on that. They have ruined my £90 shirt and are not willing to replace it which they should do. Not only did they not dry clean it but it came out yellow! ?

Management has apparently been informed but never calls back neither does anyone give me a name or tel number to contact. You just end up talking to the same person behind the counter who claims she doesnt know about anything.
just dont bother, there's tons of better dry cleaners!

Name: John
Location: London
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