Whitehorse Glass Co

Glaziers & Glass Merchant at Railway Arches, 285 Cambridge Heath Road
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5 / 10 from 7 reviews
Railway Arches
285 Cambridge Heath Road
Bethnal Green
E2 9HA
020 7613 1500
Bethnal Green
Nearest Station
Cambridge Heath
0.08 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Tuesday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Wednesday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Thursday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Friday Open 08:30 - Closes 17:00
Saturday Open 09:00 - Closes 16:00
Sunday Closed

User Reviews

Graham Kerridge
from Betnal Green

Mar 12, 2017

Great service, placed order, no fee up front needed, arrived as arranged and did the job quicker than it took to make a cup of tea. Would recommend and use again.
from essex

Nov 18, 2013

I have used this company twice they are a good honest bunch of men,they do know what they are doing iwould use them again.
Morin Marcondes
from London

Nov 7, 2013

They arranged to deliver on Wednesday. I called to confirm on Wednesday morning and they did confirm. Waited all day, called at 4:30pm and a rude person on the phone said they didn't have anyone to delivery and that would be better if I collected it myself . He also said he didn't care if I wasted my day waiting. These people take money upfront and make tou "hostage" of the situation
from East London

Oct 29, 2013

Provided info clearly by phone. Efficiently provided glass. Product was good. Price was fair. And they were friendly. About as good as it can get- 9 out of 10.

Feb 19, 2012

I have tried to use White Horse twice now and both times have been absolutely bizarre how they have treated me.
I tried to have them round to quote on a large job, probably about £11,000 worth. They came round and I didn't hear back from them so I called them, "they'd call back in 5 mins", I heard this numerous times. I was getting desperate so I pleaded with them to just give me a rough estimate "they'd call me back in 5 mins", nothing. I called again and said I would understand if they had lost the job details, but i really needed new windows put in my flat and I would be happy to give them the measurements over the phone or could we arrange a revisit "they'd call me back in 5 mins" ...nothing. I pretty much gave up on them then, but thought I'd give them another try, I popped by their offices and asked if they did uPVC windows, they said no but told me to go to the first shop on the left coming out of the Rotherhide tunnel, a nonsense journey if ever you heard one. They clearly wanted to get rid of me. I mean it says uPVC on their shop facade, they had uPVC windows all over their shopfloor, they do uPVC. BIZARRE

Sep 12, 2011

I asked them for a piece of glass but because of an internal breakdown of communication they tried to say I had not given the correct dimensions. The person I spoke to agreed I had given them the correct dimensions but said he could do nothing. as his boss had the final word. They then said they did not have a piece of glass - The piece is 115cms by 38cms. Are you kidding? In a glazier? They took my money before my order was ready - probably knowing they would rip me off. I am not a coward and decided not to go back for fear of losing my temper and sticking the piece of glass they gave me somewhere the sun does not shine. Going to get glass somewhere else. Do not use these Thieves!! If you look around you will see this company has other bad reviews.

Nov 13, 2010

Wanted to get a painting stretched and framed, and if this went well I had a further four paintings that I wanted to get done. Visited the Whitehorse Glass Co on Cambridgeheath Rd. The man at the counter appeared to be chirpy and helpful. He provided a price that I thought was reasonable. He even offered to come around and put the painting up on my wall. This was a friendly, though somewhat odd offer. The gentleman asked me to bring the picture in and assured me that it would be stretched and framed in one week. Brought the picture in and gave the gentleman my number. After a week of waiting and having not heard from him, I telephoned him, and he informed me that the frame I'd chosen was out of stock, but he promised to call me within a few days, and assured me that the supplier would have the frame in stock. Having not heard from him after a week I called him. He then informed me that the £90 that he quoted, had now gone up to £350. He said that he would see if he could get the price lower. I waited and then after further calls, and excuses made by the gentleman I asked for my painting back. I collected the painting, and on collection, I don't know why, but as a woman, I sensed I was being messed around by the gentleman. Whitehorse Glass Co initially provided a pleasant service, but in the end their service was lousy. I would not recommend them. I found someone not far away who has not only provided me with a good service - they've done what they said that they would do - but the cost is considerably cheaper, and not the ridiculous price of £350. C
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