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91A Ramsden Road
SW12 8RD
020 7099 9199
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All of our London Handymen & Operations Team come from professional backgrounds and have many years of experience undertaking DIY and maintenance jobs around homes and offices.

User Reviews

from London

May 8, 2018

It should never come as a surprise when you see the bill. I thought I was getting a £22.50 / half hour handyman for a simple job of taking a few radiators off the wall and putting it back in exactly the same place. It seems I was being charged £80 / hour. Their rates page does say boiler and heating repairs are more expensive, but I don't think it's obvious that that includes something so basic - there was no gas or re-plumbing involved - and it should have been made clear. The job could also have been done much more quickly, in 2 hours not 3, with less chatter and if they had had the basic materials they needed when they turned up. I didn't mind when I thought I was paying less, but I mind a lot at £80 per hour!!
from Balham

Jan 17, 2017

I have used Silver Saints over a number of years as I have a few rental properties in SW London. 9 out of 10 times the handyman sent is knowledgeable, polite, friendly and efficient. What lets Silver Saints down terribly is their customer service (if you can even call it that) this has resulted in me only using them when I can't find anyone else, so they've lost ALOT of business from me. If you don't mind dealing with borderline rude robots with no customer service training whatsoever, then I recommend Silver Saints. I will continue to use them, when I have to. I have also 'complained' but complaints are passed straight to the customer service team to 'handle'
John C
from SE London

Dec 12, 2016

I hired two tradesman in three days.

The first one was fair. Late messy and left my bathroom dirty. The power shower installed it's not been done correctly. Need a further person to come round and fix their mess up.

The second guy... Am reporting it to rouge traders. £324 to replace two mixer taps and reseal a tiny shower. The shower was sooooo badly and messily reseated it has to be done again!

Utterly revolting service and without question unqualified agents doing poor jobs charging huge prices!!!
Ed Scott
from London

Jan 29, 2014

We had them round to install and extractor fan, attach a cooker hood and fix some taps. the handyman, Jay, was really friendly and produced a good quality result. However, you have to give your card number over the phone when you book the job which they say is for security but BE AWARE the company takes the payment from you straight after the job is complete without asking you and whether you are happy or not! Luckily Jay did a great job, but had we had any problems with the work, I would have serious doubts about it being rectified or getting any money back! Attitude from the office stinks.
paul waller
from Epsom

Mar 18, 2013

I have used Silver Saints for the last two years for our office in the West End, We have given them and had completed in a very satisfactory manner a number of jobs with a pretty broad range.

Compared to numerous other handyman services that we have used i have found the handymen that have been sent to us, friendly, fit in around the office and have the skills to carry out the jobs that we have asked.

We have recommended and will continue to recommend them to other tenants in our building as well as anyone else who is looking for a reliable service for a fair price.

May 31, 2011

We asked Silver Saints to quote for repairs to UPVC window mechanisms,as their website indicated this was an area in which they could help. After one visit and a £42 call out charge, they have claimed that the windows are irreparable.
We could not recommend this company for repair work.
Interesting also that their own web-site includes glowing customer comments but does not permit any comments to be posted.............

Jul 10, 2010

I used Silversaints to address a leak from my bathroom into the apartment below. I was looking for a good handyman service for this and future needs and as many of my friends always needed one. A series of four appointments started in late 2008 with the last in September 2009 - unfortunately with no resolution.

Some of their solutions were quite unprofessional and after repeated visits (and many hundreds of pounds) my leak was still not fixed in September 2009. When I spoke to them at this time, rather than doubling their efforts (or indeed offering to further address the issue at their own expense as I would in my own business) they instead suggested I pay an additional fee, before any further work was done, for a quote! (They were probably looking at hiring a subcontractor.)

I was flabbergasted. As if they weren't familiar with the job, as if I hadn't paid, and as if they hadn’t failed repeatedly! They offered no apology for their unsatisfactory efforts nor explanation for their outrageous suggestion that I be penalised further for what I *wasn’t* getting. If they were unable to do the job then they should have declined and referred me to a professional on say, if not the first, then the second, visit.

They took the money gladly and are not the least bit concerned they hadn't done the job and my money had been wasted. Potential customers should be aware that if the matter is at all complicated they are not a good choice of provider. They won't tell you when they're out of their depth (just keep taking your money!) and their customer service will be unresponsive so there's nothing you can do. Avoid like the plague.
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