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Launderette at 53 Kensington Church Street
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8 / 10 from 8 reviews
53 Kensington Church Street
W8 4BA
020 7937 1185
Nearest Station
High Street Kensington
0.22 miles
Opening Times
Monday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Tuesday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Wednesday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Thursday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Friday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Saturday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00
Sunday Open 07:30 - Closes 19:00

Wash + Dry provide a self-service laundry facility. Service washes are also available.

Useful Tips from AIL Users

Did the laundry ourselves at first.... but if you want to save time and see London, try the service wash. You won’t be disappointed!

Zoe Jones, Melbourne, Australia

Great service!

John Albert, Kensington

I recommend giving your clothes for "service wash". Costs only a few pounds more but they do all the hard work of wash, dry and fold.

Neil, Kensington

User Reviews

Zoe Jones
from Melbourne, Australia

Nov 16, 2018

Great little place! Definitely recommend it if your in town for a break. The receptionist at our hotel recommended them and we weren’t let down. The cleanest and friendliest place we’ve been to in our 12 week tour of Europe. Keep up the great work.
John Albert
from Kensington

May 11, 2018

Great service! Tried their dry cleaning and shirt service and was very surprised at how well it was done. The guys are really nice and friendly too... definitely recommend.
from Kensington

Nov 10, 2016

Amazing and friendly bunch of guys that work there and are always available to help. The guy that worked there went out of his way to even help me fold my clothes even though i did not use their "service wash" service.

The place is really clean and tidy, unlike the muck you find in some other laundrettes.
from Kensington

Nov 7, 2016

I just moved into the area and wanted a one stop shop for all my cleaning. I decided to give Tide Laundrette a try as all the other cleaners seemed so expensive. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My washing was beautifully folded and placed in new clean bags. They had a lovely smell. My dry cleaning came back perfectly cleaned with no spots. I recommend anyone to give them a try. Value for money.
from Kensington

Sep 6, 2015

I was recommended by a friend to use them for my sheets and dry cleaning and I couldn't be happier. I think they have a new dry cleaners who does their cleaning and they are excellent - almost as good as Burlingtons down the right which is a lot more expensive.
John Howard
from Campden Street, Kensingto

May 2, 2014

Great service, really nice guys working. Always willing to help and give advice. First use the self service and was made aware of dropping the washing and picking it up 3 hours later all washed, dried and folded nice for a few pounds more. Been using them ever since and would definitely recommend them.
Tom Frech
from Barrington IL USA

Sep 16, 2013

We were a little apprehensive about using this laundrette because of the last comment but it was the only one close so we gave it a try.We were pleasantly surprised. The place was neat and clean. They did a rush job on my dress shirts as we were leaving London soon. Normally they send them out but the person working there ironed them himself. They were folded neatly and in a sealed plastic bag. Everything else was folded and smelled good. We will use them if we stay here again.
from Nottinghill Gate

Feb 12, 2013

Poor service, the wash is below standards. You can wash your laundry at home and it will be cleaner then their wash. I gave them abt 8 office shirts to wash they charged me £16 and when i complained that the collars and hand cuffs are not clean they argue that i did not mention abt specific cleaning. I thought that is ridiculous . I mean you are running a laundry is it my job to remind you that your services mean to return clean washed clothes. Ridiculous.

Name: Sam
Location: Nottinghill Gate
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