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Minicab on Hoxton Square
020 7729 2929

4 / 10 from 8 reviews
56 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, London, N1 6PB
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HOXTON CARS has been serving London since 1986. One of London's Popular fleets. We offer a friendly, quick and reliable service

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Fast and reliable .

Miro, Hoxton

User Reviews

from Hoxton

Jul 3, 2017

Another local company made me down and did not show up for our booking to the airport. This office send me car within 5 minutes and picked me up together with my family . I found the driver polite and helpful. The vehicle was clean , new Mercedes.
Thank you, Hoxton cars. We will be using you again .
Highly recommend to everyone out there looking for fast,reliable taxi.
from Kilburn Park

May 6, 2016

Booked, paid by card, i was confirmed the car. Only for them to call me 20 minutes before pickup for an airport ride that they cannot do it and that its under the terms anyway! Most unprofessional and most rude! Never again! Maybe management should consider actually having enough drivers...

Aug 20, 2013

We have regretfully decided to stop using this car service. Their drivers seemed to know all the quickest back routes and were cheerful and polite. But the last time we used them, one of the seat belts was broken as was one of the windows. The last time we booked them for an airport pickup, the driver turned out to be about 40 minutes away when we called to say we had arrived (scheduled time). So a bit more attention to maintaining the cars and more allowances for traffic conditions would be a good idea.

Jan 25, 2012

Not going to waste my time on a long review, so basically as soon as I got out of the cab I realised that I'd left my purse in the back. Shouted for the driver to stop but he didn’t… so I called the office and let them know what had happened, they told me that the driver had it save and I could collect it from their office the next day… & guess what- when I got there the next day ALL OF THE MONEY HAD BEEN TAKEN.

Bad luck??? I was telling this to a friend of a friend the other day- & surprise, THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO HIM TO.

You have been warned- Hoxton cab will cost you more than you think!!

PS: The driver had already over change me by £2 (i.e. on the price given by the office) even before the rest of my money went

Jan 25, 2012

i have booked a car with hoxton cars on Wednesday morning to be picked up at 8 in the morning going to paddington as i was running late to work. when i spoke with the controller i told him that i was running late as i needed to catch a train, he directing the driver on routes were there were less traffic since they have GPRS systems installed. i was 10min early than i have expected which was brilliant. i will definitly recommend hoxton cars to my family and friends...
Hoxton Cars Reviewer

Nov 12, 2011

I recently had to get my son quickly to Hospital from The Lawson Practice Doctors Surgery,Hoxton I was told to go immediately after diagnosis suspected ruptured appendix,the reception called this firm. My mobile battery had died and the surgery was waiting to close,my son could't walk, was too heavy,and in too much pain.They said 15 mins and I told them about the urgency and I was waiting in reception. After 20 mins I called again to be told cab in front of St. Leonard's Hospital on Red route and hurry up and get to the bus stop before driver gets a ticket. I said my son can't walk and its too far and to come to the surgery. They gave me a number for the driver and said call the driver direct. It was a wrong no and so I called them back, they said get a black cab, or a bus, I said are you serious I'm inside a Dr compound, they said that's your problem. I was so angy, my son was in pain crying, I had to wait another 20 mins for another cab and delayed the surgery from closing until 8:30pm. I called them back after booking another cab and said how can you send a cab to a different address and be so rude and that they should be ashamed, that my son was in urgent need to get to the Hospital. They put the phone down on me.

The controller was very rude and abrupt and in my opinion doesn't know his A!! from his elbow when it comes to controlling and should not be employed in this type of job with absolutely no customer service skills.

Aug 10, 2011

I have contacted this mini cab company to ask for tariffs, I had to ask for a few different tariffs as I have family arriving at different airports from France for my wedding.

As I asked for more information, the person on the other end of the line was getting impatient and sounded in a hurry to put the phone down.

Then I asked if I could get discounts as I have a big group of people arriving, the answer was very defensive, on the verge of being aggressive.

I asked the name of the person (his name was Jaz) and asked if he was a team member or a manager, Jaz became aggressive and finally hung up the phone on me as I was talking!

I have not even had an experience of their car service, however the telephone conversation shows just how unprofessional this company is. I will never use and don't recommend it at all to others.

May 29, 2010

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