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Modern Pet Store speciqlising in birds,hand reared and aviary,small furries and fish and pet care items to go home with your lovely new pet.

User Reviews

from London

Nov 27, 2020

Some people may be lucky enough to get healthy pets from this store, but if they sell you an unhealthy pet, you will not receive any help from them.
I bought a 3 months old cockatiel at this store.
At home, as soon as I took her out of the box, she was struggling to walk, therefore I contacted the store about this problem, after that I have been told, by them, to come back for a refund, which wasn’t given to me because the owner could not see anything wrong with her (I live 1 hour and a half away from the store).
Because no refund was issued the owner gave me her personal number and said that if anything wrong was happening to her foot I could contact her at any time, and take me to her vet(because mine is closed due to coronavirus). Two days after this my cockatiels nail, from the same foot, fell, a lot of blood was coming out, fortunately, I was able to stop the bleeding.
A healthy nail doesn't fall off out of nowhere, which means that she definitely has a problem with her toe. After the accident, I contacted back the owner, which left my message on seen (I am posting this review 4 days after being left on seen).
I had, and still have a lot of pet birds, I know how to properly take care of them, and keep them healthy, therefore I know that her nail didn’t fall off because I didn’t take good care of her.
One more thing, that is irrelevant with the health of my bird, but show the lack of professionalism of the store is that, the owner made me notice how one member of the staff wrongly sold me the cockatiel at a higher price, and she didn’t offer to give me back the extra money, instead she made it look like it never happened.
In conclusion, I am not saying that they only sell sick pets, but if it happens that the pet is sick they will make you lose a lot of time by faking to care about your problem, and not giving actual help.
Michelle Hayward
from St Albans

Nov 6, 2020

Adopt from genuine rescues - don't shop here. There are thousands of dogs needing homes.
from Ilford

Sep 22, 2020

Bought 6 cold water fish on 21/09/2020. Done everything by the book. Two of the fish died overnight. it is obvious the 2 that died were not cold water ones as they looked different from the rest. I do not recommend this shop under any circumstances and found the staff arrogant and unhelpful.
Alexandra Pavel
from Chadwell heath

Aug 25, 2020

Review picture
Have no idea why people hate this place! It’s an amazing independent pet store that takes care of their animals, unlike big chain stores. People have to realise that keeping birds or any other animals at a pet store in a rather small enclosure is normal, it is up to the pets new owner to give them a bigger space. I really don’t see why people decide to hate on this place, this pet store is and will always be close to my heart. I have personally bought a bird from here and had no problems, all products well and staff nice.
Rashid ishfaq
from Enfied london

Aug 5, 2020

I visited twice in this store firstly in December 2019 to buy some birds and secondly July 2020 to buy another bird staff is friendly and birds are kept in good way I am happy to buy birds there so I recommend:yes
from London

Aug 3, 2020

Do your research on this pet shop.
from Romford

Jun 17, 2020

I WOULD GIVE 0 RATING IF I COULD. This store is horrendous. I’ve been there, saw all pets. It’s super messy.. birds are all mixed together with chicken, some chickens are being locked up at the back of the store. I have no words for those dogs... they are able to sell few dogs in a day, for up to 700£ each..... in horrible conditions. Some of them are old and they claim they are only 2-3 years old. Dogs are terrified, live in untidy conditions, it’s all mess, wee everywhere. This is not only this. There are people working there for free. The boss “hires” some young girls and apparently for volunteering work, promising that after some time he may hire them for real. So the owners are not using poor animals there, but people too. IT’S JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE! Places like this shouldn’t exist!
from Jei

Jun 14, 2020

Staff is extremely RUDE. Especially the “boss” man, behaving mean. Doesn’t care about the customer needs at all, prices written on products at the end are different prices. I don’t get how can those poor animals stay there healthy while the “boss” is yelling and screaming all the time. Shop has few girls, volunteering there, don’t have a clue what’s going on, the shop is constantly looking “for new staff”, stingy, greedy man, hothead, shouting in front of other customers, it’s “staff” and poor animals which live there. Shop is also untidy, some fish you can spot dead lying on the bottom of the aquarium. Somebody needs to chill and learn some good manners.
Eugene Brosman
from London

Jun 21, 2019

I bought a harness from Cat walk on early April 2019 ,ordered by post, it never arrived, I politely asked them to check as I did my part with post office too. It dragged till now and no refund was given at all.

On the 10th of June 2019 , I wrote a review below in google review, immediately I got their attention, he WA me IMMEDIATELY and threatened not to solve this issue if I don’t remove the review, firstly I am dealing with shop owners that threaten shoppers, DOES SHOPPER REALLY NEEDS THIS SORT OF TREATMENT ?

Think before you really want to deal with them, a very 2 faced shop. Please see proof of W.A.

So I told him I give him another 7 days to resolve, if not I will post this and I will forget about the few quid they want to ‘swallow’ that I spent, and it’s only few quid. TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE. Once I removed, beside replying 2 texts, he went disappeared again, on t
from London

Nov 9, 2017

Never known a pet shop that cares so much for the animals they keep! Walking into the shop you are met by the wonderful staff who are super friendly and obviously know their stuff about the animals they look after. For a pet shop with livestock, the shop is incredibly clean and organised!
An unbelievably welcoming and friendly environment, anyone who says otherwise has obviously never had a proper good look! x
from Croydon

Mar 12, 2013

I was looking to buy a puppy and I found the number for this shop on one of the ads.

I rang up the number and spoke to Az, the owner of the shop, who was very nice and professional to me over the phone.

I was a bit weary once I found out that I was about to buy from a pet shop since they tend to have really poor reputation but this one is not in the same league!

I arrived in the shop, everything was immaculate and clean, and the puppies have a very large area to run around in the back.

Upon purchase of my puppy, I was given a free secondary health check at their vets!

from Ilford

Mar 12, 2013

Great store. Really changes your mind about pet shops.
They carry loads of products for all sorts animals. They order in stuff too which I find useful. I find trouble getting hold of my Teddy's dog food which they happily order in for me over the phone. Keep it up guys!
from London

Dec 19, 2012

Just picked up a Shichon puppy from Cat Walk. After wasting time checking puppies "bred at home", it was a relief to see some health, happy puppies at this store. The owners and the staff are absolutely wonderful and clearly care for each pet in store. I also received free vet check at wonderful Ark Vet Centre and 1st vaccination all covered by the pet store. We took the puppy home with a peace of mind. Well, just under a day the puppy is already using the training pads and slept most of the night and is a happy, fluffy thing we adore. Thank you Cat Walk! Tulay

Name: tulay
Location: London

Feb 26, 2010

Went there to get a kitten for my birthday two months ago. They had everything that you need and the people there were really helpful. The kitten is still happy and healthy, and they were very good about making sure the kittens were good to go.

May 29, 2009

After losing two cats to illness in the space of 1 month apart ( ages 10 & 14) I was very upset. to cheer myself up I perused the web and came across Catwalk Pet Store, and clicking onto their available kittens for sale...I fell in love with two baby kittens! you do:-) the website said call i did at 11.30pm in the evening, the owner was very cool, told me the kittens where still for sale and that he would hold them for me, which he did...for 48 hrs...anyway to cut a long story short...i picked up the babies, the service and after sales follow up was fantastic....and 14 months later the babies have grown into perfect little monsters!
thank you Catwalk;-))
Chase very happy customer!
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