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58 Wimbledon Hill Road
Wimbledon Park
SW19 7PA
0845 722 3344
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User Reviews

Siobhan Mc
from Wimbledon

Jan 16, 2023

Excellent local family business with incredible work ethic, which serves its customers well. You can leave packages with the post office and also the front desk. They take Amazon and other retail QR can continue to do postage after the post office has formally shut. You can also redirect your post (from the sorting office) and if you call them they can extend how long they will hold for you. Very handy if you’re out of the country!. THEY ANSWER THE PHONE!! It’s not a central switchboard. The fact their services are so helpful and accessible is invaluable. I’ve made a mistake with a parcel before, rang them 5 minutes before closing and they’ve done their best to find, they also helped me physically locate the following morning. They go the extra mile with kindness. On days when they’re so busy they can’t raise a smile, you’re still met with decency and professionalism. Thank you so much!!
from Wimbledon

Jan 12, 2022

I’ve reviewed on other sites but to reiterate this is the worst post office I’ve ever experienced staffed by in helpful people in a grotty convenience store. Their response to a genuine complaint is to give you a Royal Mail complaint form. How they ever got the franchise I’ll never know
from Wimbledon

Oct 12, 2021

Very nice and polite staff members, never have any issues, always helpful and friendly, special big thank you to NITA !!! She is so professional and help me a lot with sending my parcel . Thank you so much !
Dorota Kapusniak
from 56 Wimbledon Hill Road

Oct 12, 2017

Please open on time. The opening time is 7am, which means 7am, not 7.15am. I was late to work today, and it was not a first time.
Disgruntled Customer
from London

Feb 26, 2017

Shocking post office to use. Miserable staff who always make you feel like an inconvenience when you try and send something. No interaction with customers.

Much prefer the way friendlier service given in Wimbledon Broadway Post Office.
Local person
from Wimbledon

Jun 12, 2014

I agree with all the negative comments posted about this post office ( excuse the pun)
Rude staff
Exceptionally slow service all times of the year, I mean really slow
Without wanting to seem mean, the staff really do have a poor command of English which makes the whole process tedious beyond belief
I run a business and this is my local but I'm looking at alternatives as we speak
Only as a last resort would I recommend this post office. Try carrier pigeon first
The post office monopoly is coming to an end and its hard to support such an institution when you have such poor service.
Hazel Bate
from Wimbledon SW20

Jul 3, 2013

I have always found the service at Wimbledon Hill Post Office to be very good. I have consciously used Wimbledon Hill PO since it opened because I found it to be better than other local Post Offices around and felt like a valued customer as in most shops. Specifically:
• The long opening hours are a real help. Opening early, closing late and open Saturday afternoons.
• The queues are relatively good. If there is a queue, Wimbledon Hill PO open up the front counter as well.
• I have always found the staff at Wimbledon Hill very pleasant and helpful.
from local resident

May 8, 2012

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.

He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.

He is not an interruption in our work - he is the purpose of it.

We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him.

Name: local
Location: local resident

Oct 3, 2011

i had a shocking experience resulting from a currency purchase made at this post office. after a very laborious transaction to purchase 400 us dollars, i left with my dollars and a recepit. i had been in the branch for roughly 20 minutes whilst the cashier took my personal details from my driver's license and found the size of notes i wanted.

a week later, 2 uniformed policemen came around to my house whist i was at work, and asked to speak to me. i then had a phonecall to tell me that the post office had called the police and filed a crime report to report a "theft" of 400 dollars. they had my name/address etc from my drivers' license. i protested that i had paid via debit card, but found no record of the transaction on my statement. after further enquiry from the police, the branch manager revealed that cctv footage taken that day showed that i had indeed paid via debit card and been handed the dollars over the counter by the cashier, along with a receipt.

it transpired that the cashier had made a clerical error. instead of pressing a "paid via card" button after i had inputted my debit card, she wrongly pressed "paid via cash" - so no money was taken, and it registered that the till was £260 short. instead of admitting this from the start, she had instead made a completely false accusation of theft to the police.

i agreed to revisit the post office and pay the outstanding money. during this time, the acting manager again admitted the error had been the cashier's. so far there has been no apology that a false accusation was made to police. as someone who has never been in trouble with police before, the presence of uniformed officers to question me was highly traumatic. moreover, i am appalled that the police were used as a debt collecting service.

i dread to think of the potential repercussions to her false accusation had the cctv footage disputing them not existed.

i will never use this branch again.

May 12, 2011

used their passport service. got to the counter gave over our information. the checkout girl asked for the birth certificate. unfortunately forgot it. expected to get all info back to return later

then the most hilarious thing... they refused to give it back until we paid the fee!!! claiming that they need to be paid for their time. £8 for 20secs work...

they then held onto our photos and would not return it. Actually had to phone the police in order to get them to return our property.

possibly the most surreal experience ever in a post office... never thought i would have to involve the police in such a matter

the staff Chintan and Mitra Patel laughed behind their safe counter until the police told them to hand over our property. they did not laugh after that

going to have to escalate the complaint...suspect Post office won't do anything but hey ho


Jan 6, 2011

Layout of shop is ridiculous and the post office section is laughable. Usually have 1-2 people manning the parcels at the back, they speak no English and so are impossible to communicate with. It's my local post office but now I avoid it like the plague after every visit being a negative experience. Dread it every time I have to go and collect a parcel and they question my name 24/7 because it apparently sounds "funny". Really despise everything about this place!

Nov 1, 2010

I have been to Wimbledon Post office twice and both experience are very worst.

Firstly, there is just one counter for the post office and other staffs (2-3 people) are just sitting at the cashier to deal with snacks transaction. (is it really a post office?).

The only lady dealing with letters and posts is not professional and she is unwilling to help the customers. She is very rude and is not listen to customers' questions. Below is the terrible experience that I had...

My First Experience-
I put the parcels on the weight scale and ask for the price. She said 1st class is £2.xx and 2nd class is £1.51. Then I asked, "is it 2nd class standard or 2nd class record?" She replied rudely, "I have told you 1st class is £2.xx and 2nd class is £1.51!" obviously, she is not listening to my question and not helping any customers. I repeated my question again and she gave me the same answer! I just don't want to waste my time so chose the 2nd class and left.

My Second Experience-
This time, I've got a a3 printer to send. I first showed her a paper with the recipient address and she refused to look. I put the box on the weight scale and she said "can you put it properly?" The box is so big and heavy and it is already on the scale. Then I asked "what do you mean 'properly'? it is already on the scale." She then repeated, "can you put it on the scale properly?" I didn't understand what she means and later I found out there is a Card machine next to the weight scale. Coz the card machine is higher than the weight scale and the printer box is so big. So the box put some weight on the card machine as well. Then she needs to type the recipient address. Actually I tried to show her the address before and she refused to read. And now she said she can't read and need me to tell her the post code and address...

The whole impression to me is very worst and ppl is not willing help and not listening to and answering customers' questions! BAD EXPERIENCE EVER
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