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Royal Mail Delivery Office at Sandgate Close, Crow Lane
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Sandgate Close
Crow Lane
Town Centre
0845 774 0740
Nearest Station
0.92 miles
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Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 06.45 - 19:00
Weds: 06.45 - 20:00
Sat: 06.45 - 14:00

The Royal Mail offer a wide range of postal services for both corporate and personal use.

User Reviews

from Ilford

Aug 2, 2023

Queen's Hospital has sent a letter to me on, according to them on 10/07/2023 by 2nd Class Post and I still have received that letter containing my private letters.
The Ilford Sorting were not holding my post when I visited the sorting office to-day.

There does not appear to be direct telephone contact number for any Post Office sorting/delivery centres making it making difficult for people with disability to contact them and those centres are only opened from 8.00am 10.00am only.
I therefore feel that Post Office/ Royal Mail do not provide acceptable level of service and this absolutely disgusting.
from London

Sep 20, 2021

A textbook example of "computer says no" uselessness and bureaucratic indifference. Use any other service provider rather than the Royal Mail.
Completely indifferent to their customers, rude, disinterested, unable to deviate in any way from programming, unwilling to take even the most small and logical steps to assist.

I received an unexpected delivery when I was on holiday and a card was left without a reference number so I couldn't redirect online or (after an interminable wait) over the phone. 'Fine', says I to myself. 'I'll wander on down to the collection centre and pick it up'. Unfortunately this jolly stroll through East London led me to a grumpy man who told me that my package had been sent back early to the US. In fact it had been sent out of that collection centre just the previous evening.

We discussed the matter and our surly collection attendant did agree that the package would still be in the UK and that the Royal Mail would be in a position to stop it being sent back. His surliness giving way to an impressive effort to be helpful he gave me a tracking number and told me to call the Romford services center and they would be able to have it stopped. So began part three of our tale

I called the number given. After 25 minutes on hold I spoke to K_. I have some sympathy for K_'s position as she appeared to have been issued with decision making flowchart where every question or decision ultimately ends with: "I'm sorry, but we can't help you. Please go away so I can play Candy Crush and robotically refuse to provide any kind of assistance or lateral thinking to our next customer".
No, she couldn't stop the parcel being sent back to the US.
No, the couldn't call or email the sorting centre where the parcel would be as the sorting centre "doesn't take incoming messages".
No, she couldn't put me on with a supervisor because "they don't speak on the phone".
No, she couldn't put me on with a decision maker because there aren't any. K_ was unable to explain why the sorting centre didn't have a working phone or computer, why the supervisors were forbidden access to telephones or why it was better to have the parcel make an unnecessary trans-Atlantic flight rather than take any step whatsoever to try and prevent this. All that was within her power was to refer the matter to the complaints department. I pointed out that at this stage the parcel was still retrievable and could be delivered to me in which case I would have no cause for a complaint or the services of the fine people at the complaints department. "Yes" K_ responded "but it won't be sent to you, so then you'll have a complaint about us sending it back". Impeccable logic, if somewhat unhelpful.

I now await a call from the complaints department by which time I imagine my mystery parcel will be happily winging its way back to the US and the Royal Mail will express their sorrow and regret that they couldn't do anything sooner.

My only hope now is that someone somewhere in this institution where initiative goes to die will read this missive and think "maybe we could do something a little differently".
from South Ockendon

Feb 8, 2021

Two parcels from M&S dispatched on 27/01/2021. Today is 8/02/2021 and still no sign of them. I paid for 48 hour tracked delivery.I’ve contacted Royal Mail, they told me to contact the sender. Which I have and still waiting to back from them.
I still have to leave my house to go to work and my current footwear have holes in them!
S. Karpaviciene
from RM20

Feb 4, 2021

I am waiting for quite a lot of parcels for 3 weeks already and the service used is 48h tracked. ?. Can you hire more people or other delivery companies if not coping with the load?
June Lloyd
from RM2 5SD

Jan 26, 2021

Have not had a delivery for 3 weeks. Waiting for new credit card and two other things that have been posted to me. I know there are probably staff shortages due to Coronavirus. Have tried phoning the sorting office but it is permanently engaged. What's going on ????
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