Wrap It Up

Take Away Food Shop at 19 Goodge Street
Fast, fresh takeaway wraps inspired by vibrant global flavours.
Wrap It Up
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19 Goodge Street
020 7636 5782
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Mon - Fri: 7.30am - Late
Sat: 10.30am - 7.00pm

This rapidly-expanding takeaway franchise makes fast, fresh wraps inspired by bold flavours from around the globe. With a focus on authenticity, Wrap It Up uses the freshest produce to create vibrant, filling and tasty wraps, both hot and cold, and all made to order.

User Reviews

from Goodge street

Mar 19, 2015

after visiting the first time i will defenitely not come back. I specifically asked for a non spicy wrap as it really upsets my stomach, on the side i asked for wedges. What the gave me was exactlt the opossite i had asked for. An extremely spicy wrap, aswell as spicy wedges, with a spicy curry sauce all over them. They completely ignored what i had resquested for. After going back and asking nicely if the wrap would be changed, one of the employees was extremely rude. Gave me a nasty look and just walked away muttering. Her reaction really upset me.
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