Grant Museum of Zoology

Rockefeller Building, University College London, 21 University Street , WC1E 6DE

Grant Museum of Zoology, exterior picture

Address:Rockefeller Building, University College London, 21 University Street , WC1E 6DE
Map:See Grant Museum of Zoology on a map
Telephone:+44 (0) 20 3108 2052
Nearest Station:Russell Square
Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday, 1-5pm

About: The Grant Museum, belonging to UCL, is the only zoological museum left in London. It was founded in 1828 with the purpose of being a teaching collection, and is home to around 67,000 different specimens of animals. Here you will find skeletons and specimens of many rare and extinct animals such as the Dodo or the Tasmanian tiger.

Some of the museum’s collection dates back 170 years, such as the complete skeleton of the Quagga, a type of zebra that was hunted to extinction in the 1870s and the Tasmanian wolf, which met a similar fate.

As well as animal bones, visitors will find glass replicas of curious creatures such as sea anemones, sea cucumbers, jellyfish and other invertebrates. The Grant Museum also has approximately 14,000 specimens of insects, including stick insects, locusts, butterflies and damselflies. Some are fossilized while others have been preserved in spirits.

From time to time the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, admission to these and to the museum is free of charge.

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