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Take a look at our resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in London.

In a world of ever-increasing portion sizes and a more sedentary way of life it's all too easy to take that wrong turn in life and before you know it, you're in Chubbyville. En route you'll also pass through the unsavoury suburbs of Short-Of-Breath Avenue, Love-Handle Street and if you've very unlucky Little-Chance-Of-Making-It-To-70 Junction.

So if you're trying to stay healthy in London then take a look at our helpful resources on diet, exercise and lifestyle to help you stay on the right road.

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London Healthy Living - Attitude To Food Blog
Shaking the sugar habit, eating for energy, weight loss, feeling great, looking good and more...
How stressed, tired and running on quick fixes are you?
Tuesday 24th of September

We seem to wear stress as a badge of honour nowadays, and what usually comes with a consistent period of high stress levels is adrenal fatigue. It’s epidemic in A types and perfectionists, who put the rest

Summer Berry Crumble
Friday 5th of July

So this is one of those desserts I hit upon, mid-week when I felt like I should be working but somehow couldn't concentrate because I was craving something sweet!

It was a little bit random, but the rest

7 Ways to Look and Feel Amazing this Summer!
Friday 5th of July

Summer is here and I have a renewed spring in my step. Thanks to genius Wordpress guru John at Zazazoo, my website is finally humming and I have a new coach ...who has sent me into overdrive!

So, the rest

All In London Blogs

Capital of Sport
If you're into keeping active in London or even get excited about others being active, then read on dear friends...
Row, row, row your boat... Gently down the Thames??
Thursday 19th of September

Since we've been promised a few weeks of temperate weather, here's three places to row a boat in London. You don't have to BYOB (bring your own boat) - simply gather your friends, book it and turn the rest

Skiing? In August? In LONDON???
Wednesday 14th of August

Cross-country skiing: Pippa Middleton's doing it, James Cracknell's done it and Ben Fogle joined in. Now, forgive the shameless name-plugging to get your attention, but see things from my point of the rest

Free London: A two-wheeled weekend
Friday 2nd of August

Before I get told off for this blog being all about cycling (I'm an interesting person! I do other sports too!), I'm going to squeeze in one more bike-related post.

If you're stuck for something the rest

Events you might enjoy

Half Term Family Cycling
Middleton Road, Carshalton, Surrey
Race For Nature
Hyde Park, London
Virgin Money London Marathon
Blackheath Park/ Greenwich Common to The Mall


On the rise: vegetables
Published: 2013-02-25 12:08:29

Something to read, put the kettle on...

Cycling in London
The ultimate survival guide for those of you on two wheels in the capital.
Football in London
London, with its 16 fully professional teams and many thousands of amateur clubs, is undoubtedly the footballing centre of Europe.
Living Healthily in London
Living healthily in London may seem like an oxymoron. Particularly at the moment when the tubes and buses are rammed full of people.
Keeping Fit in London
Leave the treadmill in the gym and take up some exciting ways to get fit!
Be Healthy at University
Whilst beer and fast food are always a temptation, try to make some time to look after your body too!

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Best For Lists

The best places to eat healthily in London
Tasty, healthy goodness is just a recommendation away...
Great restaurants for Vegetarians
Who needs meat anyway? We show you London's most innovative and creative vegetarian eateries.
Our favourite London trainer stores
Sneak a peak at these sneakers
The best places to eat healthily in London
Tasty, healthy goodness is just a recommendation away...

Things to try

Track cycling
If you’re sick of the sight of cars when you don your Lycras for a leisurely ride then why not swap the road for the track.
Learn to dance, like they do on telly
Shake it at the legendary Pineapple Dance Studios.
Go Skateboarding on Southbank
You'll only need two things: a board and jeans slung down below your arse crack.
Swim in the ponds at Hampstead
Because swimming indoors is for wimps.
Take up an unusual fitness class
Because jogging round the block gets boring after a while, shake up your exercise routine with an unusual fitness class.
Yoga in a bar
You’ll come out feeling educated, empowered and surprisingly relaxed. And bendy.
Rock climbing in the city
Outdoorsy adventure... on the Central Line
Swimming in the wild
Get wet n' wild in London
Swing through the trees
Channel your inner gibbon
BMX like a bandit
Peddle your buns off at Haggerston
Outdoor Swimming
You can swim daily, rain or shine (but not lightning - that would be bad)
Ride London’s Killer Hill Climb
Take on the Lane of Pain
Bike polo @ LHBPA
mallets, bikes, balls, goals - what's not to like?
Go kickboxing!
Gone are the days of scratching and pulling hair...
Dive like an Olympic Athlete
Shouldn't be too difficult...
The Highest Yoga Class in London
Breath in... and out... but don't look down!
Have a Moroccan hammam all to yourself
Get your kit off and have a scrub down
Swim outdoors all year round
Bask in 28 degrees...
Take part in the latest dance craze: yoga + vogueing = Voga!
Strike a pose... (there's nothing to it)

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