London for Historians

Love history? London is absolutely packed full of the stuff.

Love history? London is absolutely packed full of the stuff. You'll struggle to move 20ft across the capital before you're smacked across the chops with a fat, sloppy dollop of something historical.

Recent archaeological findings have dated a wooden structure on the shores of the Thames at Vauxhall to over 4500BC, from this point onwards every occupation and settlement has left their historical residues on the city... from Romans and Vikings, right through the Middle Ages up until the modern day.

But best of all: London's past is chequered with kings, queens, quarrels, battles, and a pint or two of blood - so there's plenty for history buffs to get their teeth into.

Events you might enjoy

Common Threads Pop-Up Exhibition Opening
Autograph, Rivington Place, London
Graham Martin | Soon It Would Be Too Hot.
West Norwood Library & Picturehouse, 1-5 Norwood High Street, London
Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk
Victoria and Albert Museum, Cromwell Road, London

Something to read, put the kettle on...

The Oldest Pubs in London
Whilst the debate about which pub is really the oldest rages on we take a look at some of the contenders.
The history of tea in London
It may be a very British tradition, but tea was first introduced to the United Kingdom from China, via India.
Duke Vin and London’s first sound systems
Read about the rise of sound systems in London
A homage to Soho’s legends
From musical greats to porn barons - we take a look at the characters which have helped put Soho on the map.
London Underground is 150
London Underground has just turned 150, making it the world’s oldest underground transport system. We take a look at its history...
The history of Primrose Hill
We take a look at the history of one of London's most desirable areas.
Facts about Guy Fawkes
We take a look at the real motive behind the Gunpowder Plot.
The Black Death
Read how london suffered and recovered from one of the world's most devastating illnesses.
A short history of London beer
We take a look at London's association with the brown stuff.
London’s Early Days
London’s diverse population currently tops 8 million. But who were the first settlers? We take a look at the city from its earliest days up to medieval times.
London’s Most Gruesome Murderers
OK, so London's a pretty safe place, on the whole, but here are some tales of a murky associated with murder.
Who was Jack the Ripper?
In over 100 hundred years no one has been able to find definite proof. Here are the most famous suspects...
The History of Notting Hill
We take a look at one of London's best-known districts.
Rosa Lewis, Queen of Cooks
Despite her reputation as the “Queen of Cooks”, not many people know about Rosa Lewis.
Whatever happened to the King’s Road?
In the 60s the King’s Road was the epicentre of Swinging London, what went wrong?
A Brief History of Soho
Music, sex toursits, Media Thursdays and more... see how Soho has evolved over the years.
London Black History Month
We take a look at London's Black History.
The History of Spitalfields Market
From 17th century fruit and veg market to Sunday’s preferred strolling ground for hundreds of Londoners, the award-winning Old Spitalfields Market has
The Scandals That Shook London
They tend to involve politicians or sex (in fact both, usually) with the odd royal embarrassment here and there, as it seems that people in the public
A Short History of Sex in London
The sex trade has played a huge part in shaping London throughout the centuries.
The Witches of London
Read about the history and fate of London's witches...

Things to try

Discover the Crown Jewels
Get an eyeful of The Crown Jewels...
Jack the Ripper Tour
It's an oldie... but a goodie
Have afternoon tea in a 1930s tearoom
Head back in time for a cuppa
Visit a real little shop of horrors
Roll up, roll up for... some celebrity excrement?

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