London for Musicians

London has one of the most vibrant scenes for musicians in the country.

Surely, it's the most enviable profession in the world (that and chief taster at Ginsters)... who wouldn't love to be able to cite "musician" as your occupation when filling out a form?

Unfortunately, most of us are destined to be no more than a "bedroom bassist", "garage guitarist" or "pain in the arse drummer from next door" - but that doesn't mean there's not a heck of a lot of fun to be had in just playing an instrument as a hobby.

London has one of the most vibrant scenes for musicians in the country - with the best music shops and live music and concert venues.

So whether you're a pro, following your dreams to become a pro or simply playing for fun - take a look at our resources for musicians in London.

Events you might enjoy

Belshazzar's Feast 'Two Wise Men' Tour at The Oval Tavern Croydon
The Oval Tavern, 131 Oval Road, Croydon
Omar Kamal live in London
Aldwych Theatre 49 Aldwych, London
BopFest Jazz Festival: Pasquale Grasso Masterclass
Toulouse Lautrec, 140 Newington Butts, Kennington


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Places to buy things

Rose Morris
8 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8LS
Hank's Guitar Shop
24 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8NJ
Regent Sound Studio
4 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8LP
Vintage & Rare Guitars
6 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8LP
Wunjo Guitars
20 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8NA
London Bass Cellar
21-22 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8NA
The London PA Centre
23 Denmark Street Covent Garden WC2H 8NA

Something to read, put the kettle on...

Tin Pan Alley
Read our guide to the indie-rock guitar-buying Mecca that is London's Denmark Street - aka, Tin Pan Alley.
Duke Vin and London’s first sound systems
Read about the rise of sound systems in London
London’s dead venues
Times change, venues close down and new ones reappear, it’s all part of the life cycle of a city...
Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotels
If you want to live it up like an A-lister in London... this is where you should be staying.
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
A brief run-through of London’s most debauched moments...
London's Best Live Music Venues
Fancy going to a gig? From full-on stadium rock concerts to a DJ set in an East London basement, this guide will help you decide where to go.
The Indie Scene in East London
People are increasingly turning to the Capital's East as an alternative to the arguably overrated West...
The Soho Blues Scene
How the Blues has played an important role in the London music scene over the years, a few key places to play and hear it being played
Jazz In London
Whether you're a jazz expert or interested in knowling more... find out how to get the best out of London's thriving jazz scene.

Retail lists you may like

Best For Lists

Smooth: London's favourite jazz clubs
Sit back, open up your ears and enjoy...
London's best Karaoke bars
Many people's idea of hell on earth, many people's idea of the most awesome night imaginable (and that includes a Wham! comeback gig).
Best venues to hear live music
Crowd-surfing anyone?
Best venues for rocking out!
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Venues to catch London's best live indie music
Androgynous haircuts, skinny jeans, subversive T-shirts and poorly played instruments, this isn't just music, this is live Indie music.

City Guide

Eventim Apollo
Queen Caroline Street
02 Academy, Brixton
211 Stockwell Road
Shepherds Bush Empire
Shepherds Bush Green
02 Academy, Islington
N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, Islington
Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore
The SSE Arena
Arena Square, Engineers Way, Wembley
Millenium Way, Greenwich
O2 Arena
Peninsula Square, Greenwich
The Roundhouse Camden
Farm Road, Camden
Wilton Music Hall
1 Graces Alley, London
02 Forum
9 - 17 Highgate Road

Things to try

Shop like a Beatles fan-girl
Beatles fan? Then you've gotta head here...
Join a Jamboree
... whatever one of those might be.
Live music in an old courtyard
Celtic folk, Costa Rican strings, country classics and a whole lot more.
Famous Monday Blues Jam
Jam with some of London’s greatest blues guitarists.
Get your mixtape played in a club
It could be either the most tense or the most exhilarating night of your life.
Jazz in a pub
This local old-school pub on the main Barnes strip has been hosting jazz nights in its Music Room for over 50 years.
Join a live radio broadcast
Go live to the nation whilst you enjoy a cuppa.
Yodelling for your beer
There'll be giggles aplenty and some top entertainment with your meal.
Make your own music at The O2
Get hands on at The British Music Experience at the O2 Arena.
Step back in time for some Blues
Head back to a time when blues filled the air
Folk on a Boat
That's music folk, not people folk
Shop at a rock’n’roll charity shop
If it's about music - it happens here!
Jazz in a Church
Pretty much the definition of what makes London great

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