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You know you're hated, don't you?

You shun the pies and you hit the tarmac. You say "no" to cream cakes and you take your bike out for a spin... and fair play, you look all the better for it.

You've got the sun on your back, fresh air in your lungs... and you're ripped. Damn you.

So whether you've always been into sport and exercise or you're just getting into it - take a look at our sources of inspiration to get you motivated.

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Be all you can 'B'!
Monday 9th of June

This week it’s about all you can ‘B’!

Whilst we’ve still got a long way to go on our A-Z of activities and fitness in the Capital, I’ve got a feeling ‘B’ is going to compete heavily the rest

London Activity and Fitness A-Z: 'A'
Wednesday 21st of May

So today it’s all about ‘A’

So as promised this is the first in my series of the London activity and fitness A-Z! It will come as no surprise to you that today we’ll mostly be dealing with the rest

Want to get more active? Make it Social!
Wednesday 30th of April

So you live or work (or both) in London and want to find out how to balance out all those great cultural and social events and opportunities with something a little more active?!

Well you’ve the rest


Things to try

BMX like a bandit
Peddle your buns off at Haggerston
Vintage London Bike Tour
Strap your bonnet down and take a tour
Outdoor Swimming
You can swim daily, rain or shine (but not lightning - that would be bad)
Ride London’s Killer Hill Climb
Take on the Lane of Pain
Bike polo @ LHBPA
mallets, bikes, balls, goals - what's not to like?
Go kickboxing!
Gone are the days of scratching and pulling hair...
Dive like an Olympic Athlete
Shouldn't be too difficult...
Tennis History Tour
Meet McEnroe's holographic ghost
Trapeze Classes @ Gorilla Circus
The only way is up. (And down.)
Skate the Bowls @ Meanwhile Gardens
Become a Lord of Dogtown... or Westbourne Park
Go Track Racing
Head to Lea Valley VeloPark and peddle like Chris Hoy
Climb a Wall of Ice @ Vertical Chill
C'mon, we've all done it.
The Highest Yoga Class in London
Breath in... and out... but don't look down!

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