London for Students

Despite the prices of the capital, London is a great place to do your studying.

London is home to some of the most respected universities and academic institutions in the world, so it's no wonder that places on the capital's courses are over-subscribed year after year.

Despite the prices of the capital, London is a great place to do your studying. And when you put the books down... there's not better place to let off some steam.

From special offers, advice, student bars and tops for surviving your studies take a look at our London for Students guide.

Places to buy things

Scape Student Living
Scape East 438-490 Mile End Road Mile End E1 4PE

Something to read, put the kettle on...

Night Safety In London
London is safer than ever before, but even though the chance of being the victim of crime is low, read on for some common sense precautions.
Being a Student in London
Find out about the perks and pitfalls of studying in London with our London Student Guide.
Looking For Student Housing Or A Cheap Flat?
Well it can be hard to do with the influx of students into the capital every year but it certainly isn't impossible.
Moving to London?
Where do you start to look, where do you find a flatmate, how much will it many questions...
Surviving and Enjoying the First Year
Freedom, new friends and of course some studying...making sure you get through it and have a great time
The Student Budget
It's never enough we know, but how can you make your money go a little further?
Be Healthy at University
Whilst beer and fast food are always a temptation, try to make some time to look after your body too!
Student Relationships; Friends, Lovers, Foes..
New friends, old friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, flatmates, bad mates, there will never be a dull moment while you’re at Uni. You’re not alone, this
Taking a Gap year
After school you're faced with a multitude of prospects; here we weigh up the pros and cons and take you through the practicalities of a gap year
London on the Cheap
You needn’t deprive yourself of the wonderful food and events on offer in London, there’s plenty for students on a budget to enjoy too!
10 Ways to Beat the Inter-Semester Blues
Here are a few ideas on how to beat the blues in and around London and see you into Semester B

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Best For Lists

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Things are about to get greasy
Peddle over to London's best bike shops
Give your two-wheeled friend some love
London's most inspiring bookshops
If you've got 30 minutes to waste and don't want to walk the streets or you actually need a book, check out these shops.
Beer on a budget: London's best cheap bars
Nursing that half pint all night can be a thing of the past.
Top student haunts
Sick of sitting in a filthy house eating Pot Noodle whilst playing Call of Duty? You need to go out and have a few cheap drinks and a kebab.
Our favourite all-you-can-eat restaurants
Stock up at London's best All You Can Eat restaurants...
Catch a flick at London's best cinemas
All cinemas are not the same
Our favourite London markets
Food stuffs, clothing, gift ideas, books, snack bars, antiques, specialist stalls... they're all here.
London's best-stocked bars!
We've researched this thoroughly
Our choice of venues for a first date
We chart London's best bars and restaurants
Our favourite all-you-can-eat restaurants
Stock up at London's best All You Can Eat restaurants...

City Guide

Morley College
61 Westminster Bridge Road
Imperial College
South Kensington campus
Brunel University
Uxbridge, Middlesex
University of Westminster
Headquarters, 309 Regent Street
Middlesex University
The Burroughs, Hendon
South Bank University
103 Borough Road
University of London
Senate House, Malet Street
The College of North West London (CNWL)
Dudden Hill Lane, Willesden
Thames Valley University
Walpole House, 18 - 22 Bond Street, Ealing
Roehampton University
Erasmus House, Roehampton Lane

Things to try

Go skating in the park
If the kids down on Southbank can do it, why can’t you?
Attend a secret lecture
A series of talks over a wide range of subjects from adventure, blogging and more
Adult night at the Science Museum
Get your minds out of the gutter, it’s not that kind of an ‘adult night'
Book reading with strangers
Wall to wall books, comfy chairs, other people who can read good, what's not to like?
Ten Rounds With De Niro Film Quiz
Have a pop at London’s toughest movie quiz.
Take a tour of the Universe
The Peter Harrison Planetarium offers you a glimpse of the universe.
Play ping-pong in a bar
Bounce is actually the home of table tennis. Who knew?
The Book Club Boutique
A weekly must for lovers of literature.
Laser Tag @ Star Command
You're Chuck Norris cira 1985, you've got a blaster strapped to your side... time to kick ass.

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