London for Tourists

However many times you visit London there's always something new to discover.

London is one of those great cities that no matter how many times you visit you never run out of things to do and you never run out of new things to discover.

So whether you come to London regularly or whether this is your first time we've put together some resources which will help you get the best out of the UK's capital city.

All In London Blogs

Debby's Blog
A blog for those that don't live in London but love its charms. Debby's blog is a must for all London visitors.
Hampton Court Palace revisited
Saturday 16th of August

A few years ago I wrote a blog about Hampton Court Palace.Last June I went to London again and decided that I wanted to give myself a small Henry VIII holiday. I am fascinated by him for years and I the rest

London surprises
Saturday 16th of August

Some time ago I finally had time to visit London again. I visited a few of my favorite spots, but it also had some surprises for me. One evening I returned to my place to stay in Hammersmith and I the rest

Most popular city of 2013
Thursday 16th of January

I just saw a report on the BBC news. London is the most populair city of 2013, according to tourists that visit the city. Congratulations to London on this great review. But what is it that makes the rest

Events you might enjoy

Saatchi Gallery Welcomes Artists-in-residence To Respond To Tutankhamun
Saatchi Gallery Duke of York’s HQ, King’s Road Chelsea, London
National Theatre, Upper Ground, South Bank, London
The London Festival of Railway Modelling
Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way, Wood Green, London

Something to read, put the kettle on...

Quintessential London
Looking for the things and places that typify the capital? Read on for the attractions, food and leisure activities that are the very definition of London.
London’s Top Boutique Hotels
We've road-tested four top London boutique hotels to help you choose where to stay.
Cheap Things To Do in London
Rest assured, not everything in London is overpriced. Use this savvy guide to getting the best out of London on a budget.
London's Top 10 Attractions
Want to know which attractions are totally unmissable? We run you through London’s top 10 sites.
London’s Greatest Architecture
Take a tour of the building which put the Great into Great Britain.
London in 1 Week
See London's best bits. If you've got an entire week to spend in London then we've got a great itinerary for you...
London in Two Days
Visit the popular tourist sites on day 1, and wander through some of London’s most famous neighbourhoods the following day.
London’s Quietest Spots
Need to get away from the city's hustle and the noise? Here's where you can head for...
London in 1 day
Just have one day to spend in the capital? Get a feel for the city by visiting famous sites, topping up your energy and people-watching in the afternoon.
London's West End
London's most famous area has something for everyone, but can you cram it all in during one visit? We show you the best bits...
London's Sunday Markets
What better way to while away a Sunday morning? But which markets are open on a Sunday? Well, we'll tell you...
Sunday morning in London
Whether you’re full of beans or in need of several siestas, we’ve got your Sunday morning covered.
London’s Best Hotels
Here are London’s best hotels, whether you’re rich, poor, a dedicated follower of fashion or a foodie.
10 Things To Do in the Capital
Fortunately, in a city this diverse it’s impossible to run out of things to do...
London Hotels: where to stay
If you're visiting the capital, the array of London hotels and districts available can be truely overwhelming so read our guide to the best hotels and
Tips for Tourists
If you’re planning to visit London for the first time, read our advice for seeing London at its best.
A Guide to Photographing London
So you want to photograph the capital, but where do you start?

Retail lists you may like

Best For Lists

All about the bean: London's best coffee shops
What does it take to make a truly great coffee shop? Well, we're about to tell you...
Chow-down on London's best fry-ups
Things are about to get greasy
Places for Afternoon Tea
The UK is perhaps best known for the Monarchy, Fish and Chips and Cups of Tea... fact. Find out where to get the best brew in town here.
Where to find London's best fish and chips
If you're on a diet then hit the back button
Best places to munch a delicious Sunday roast
Clear your diary this Sunday and take in one of these badboys...
Restaurants on the River
We've put together a list of London's best restaurants on the river...
Our pick of London's award-winning restaurants
These have all picked up a gong or two... or three
Get scared in London's haunted pubs
Even Scooby would kack himself
London's best craft beers and real ales
Who fancies a pint of Willies Old Groyne?
Our favourite London markets
Food stuffs, clothing, gift ideas, books, snack bars, antiques, specialist stalls... they're all here.
London's best beer gardens
While away an afternoon with a pint
venues with the Wow-Factor!
In our continued search to bring you the best bits of London we've cranked the dial up to 11.

Things to try

Dinner with a view
Head to Madison for stunning views of an icon.
Dining in the dark
Pitch black dining, meals served by the blind... awaken those senses!
Go horse riding in Hyde Park
Fancy riding a horse right by the Serpentine Lake?
Visit London’s oldest shop
Built in 1567 this is London's oldest existing shop, Woolworths could have learned a lot about staying open from this place.
Climb Westminster Cathedral’s bell tower
Heads for heights, thighs of steel
Have a coffee with world leaders
Have a brew and take a photo with some legendary company
London Helicopter Tour
Up where the air is clear...ish
Take a ride on a Routemaster
... and you thought they were extinct? Nonsense.
Take a Thames Tunnel tour
Once described as the 8th Wonder of the World!
Vintage London Bike Tour
Strap your bonnet down and take a tour
Take Afternoon Tea on a bus
Just don't spill your tea
Get a bird’s eye view of King’s Cross
Keep an eye on the area's ever-changing landscape
Follow your ears
Open your ears in London... you may be surprised...
Park in style... take a pod
More exciting than a flight
See the world’s only merman
MerMAIDS are two-a-penny... but a MerMAN? Now you're talking...
Visit a real little shop of horrors
Roll up, roll up for... some celebrity excrement?
Channel the Blitz Spirit at an underground bar
Part bar, part immersive experience

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