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I've started looking into childcare recently and had the shock of my life.. is £60+ for a 1 year old in a standard nursery really normal???? Speehless May as well stay at home to be honest!
Posted: 2008-07-29 17:33:41
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Posted: 2008-07-29 17:36:33
That's a day!!
Posted: 2008-07-29 18:10:59
We don't need childcare as we look after our kids ourselves but i do know how expensive it is. I looked into nursery places a few years ago & i was like :speechless:
£200 + a week, which was roughly my husbands wage at the time.
I wouldn't expect to find cheap childcare in London.
If you do have a little one in nursery, would you be entitled to any money back from the government.... can't think what its called now :confused2:
Posted: 2008-08-06 20:18:00
I think there are childcare vouchers, but as we're self-employed we're not entitled to them apparently :cry:
Posted: 2008-08-08 21:27:07
Thats a shame you aren't entitled to the vouchers :(

I know nursery teachers or whatever their title is, need to be paid but i just think its so expensive.
How anyone manages childcare costs amazes me.
You have to be earning loads just to put them through nursery.
Posted: 2008-08-09 12:53:46
My mother in law is a nursery assistant/teacher (not sure job title!) and I know that she gets paid the bare minimum...must be the owners who are cashing in on the hugely ridiculous fees :veryangry:
Posted: 2008-08-12 20:49:29
thats such a rip off to raise children in child care.

u'd hope mayb oneday the govt would pull their fingers outta their ___________ and do something about it.

i don't have any children myself but i can tell u i am not looking forward to paying for childcare at the rates they are at everywhere!!!!
Posted: 2008-09-10 16:42:23
£33 at my local.
Posted: 2009-10-11 21:38:05
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