New venue in London

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Posted: Wednesday the 16th September 2009 at 16:21

New venue in London

Music, pool, pinball, hot chicks, bums, punks, hipsters, bohemians, rockabilly greasers and regular joes. Passers by and stereotypes kicking back away from the madding crowds. Always expect the unexpected.

Owned independently by the happiest Swede in London, the Pipeline has a Scandic influence and welcomes all comrades from the Nordic regions. He lays on music (to be discovered in his prized jukebox) including Volbeat, Ebba Grön, DumDum Boys and Sielun Veljet.

Active chaotic, with a backdrop of the best selection of black and white rock archive photos, a rock sanctuary for the brave and foolish, with the cleanest khazis in town (if you puke you clean), suitable for pimps and pin-ups. A bar furnished with the unusual and out of the ordinary drinks in town, supreme shots from the Nordic region (yes, some are pretty nasty), the finest non-formulaic beer selection and if you drink any other whiskey aside from JD then we offer you a cool mix of single malts. Come, pull up a stool, drink and be merry.

Guaranteed to be techno free, from time to time extremely unprofessional rock DJs (apply within) can come and be heard via their own CD collections.

Want to know more? Don't bust our balls. All you need to know is that we are at 94 Middlesex, E1, a hop, skip and a jump from Liverpool Street station.

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