South London - Please help us choose!

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Posted: Friday the 16th October 2009 at 16:48

South London - Please help us choose!

Hello everyone. Me and a buddy will be moving to South London (from the South Coast) early 2010, but we have a small problem. We have no idea where we want to move to!
I have only just started working here (Holborn) so am not too familiar with the different areas.
What we are ideally looking for is somewhere south of the river, free from congestion charge and with a bit of character. Ideally somewhere we can go out in the evening rather than heading into Central London all the time. There will also need to be good transport links nearby (within 1 mile preferably) to the centre of London (rail, tube or bus).
Our budget is about £1000 a month for a 2 bedroom place.

If you could give me some suggestions I would really appreciate it. Alternatively if you think we are being unrealisitc with the budget and what we are asking for, I would also like to know so we can plan our next steps really.

Thanks in advance for you help!

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Posted: Friday the 16th October 2009 at 19:03

I'd say check out the Kingson (or Surbiton/Norbiton) area.

Is a real nice area (though avoid getting a place on the Cambridge Estate in Kingston), but is awesome for things to do. There's the river, which is great in the summer, lots of pubs and bars line it. There are a few clubs if that's your thing. And live music venues. Lots of restaurants and just is a great place to live.

Also is 20 minutes on the train to Waterloo.

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Posted: Monday the 19th October 2009 at 11:02


I think it would be worth looking around Southfields and Wimbledon. You might just about afford it. They are lovely areas with good transport links.

Good luck,


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