Hellooo :)

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Posted: Wednesday the 28th October 2009 at 21:56

Hellooo :)

Hii everyone'x

I dont know about youu, but I am a HUGE fan of Twilight, New Moon and EVERYTHING :D I <3 TaylorrLautnerr he is so awesome, honestly my friends shout that im obsessed lmao. Me and my friend have this thing where she writes 'TEAM EDWARD' with an apple on her hand and i write 'TEAM JACOB' with a paw print on my hand until New Moon is realised Happy you must think we are mad, and we are so if you have infomation on the New Moon UK Premiere thingy is out, please say 'x

ThankYouu SO Much,,
KATiiE,, x

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Posted: Thursday the 29th October 2009 at 09:58


you must think we are mad


Welcome to All In London.

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